Meanwhile during lag...

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  1. So I teleported to the wastelands, and I spawned in a quartz block. Since I was lagging I thought it would be interesting to mine my way up, but instead I went into the center and saw this... 2013-09-22_13.40.11.png
    Anyone else seen this before?
  2. I didn't really found it, but I did see it with some chunk loading errors...
  3. Ignoramoose tp'd me and a couple others there once
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  4. Wow, so that's where my 10r go?
  5. Its... Its beautiful.
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  6. Bump, everyone must see this :3
  7. No, then it won't be a secret anymore :$
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  8. What is it?Is it where thousands of rupees spent on vault go?
  9. Most likely :p
  10. hehe.... that took a while for someone to find this :)
  11. But can we get all the vault-spent rupees from this?They have to go SOMEWHERE.
  12. i found it a few months ago, i used 2 stacks of ender pearls to get into it because there was a vine haning infront of the entrance
  13. These easter eggs are one of the great amount of reasons I like EMC so much...<3
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  14. Oh... That's where I store my dirt and sticks...
  15. A while ago when moose had those powers, he teleported a few people there.... And spawned giant zombies (not momentus) in town
  16. I made a thread about this a while back..