Me Need New Sig. Will Pay 10k...

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  1. I would like a really cool sig. Who Ever makes me the best one that I like wins 10k :)
    What I want -
    Like On Of those Cinima 3D Things
    Me Jumping In The air with a diamond sword and enchanted diamond Chest ONLY.
    Cordial_Pie Running next to me with a pink dagger.
    AlexChance In Super Rich people thingys using 100 USD Bills as a fan.
    There Is No Deadline. Please Take your time. Thanks
    ~ Demon :)

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  3. Do want it moving?
  4. What?
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  5. Do you want it like a gif? I could try to do that.
  6. Yea Maybe
  7. Who's ever i like better. Legends or yours.
  8. My specialty is Cinema 4D, but I'm gonna need renders of you with a diamond chest plate and whatever else you want in there that's specific. If you didn't know it's gonna take a very long time for anyone to photoshop something on a minecraft skin.. MUCH easier if you supply renders.
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  9. I think I will give this a try. Any background you want or can we do our own thing with that part?
  10. I have no idea what you just said there, but it sounded impressive so I may ask you to make me one. :p
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  11. I Would love a really interesting backround please. And Yea, Hes Some ScreenShots of me and diamond chest and sword. I can try to get some pics of Cordial and Alex will for sure let me :) 2013-07-20_21.36.10.png 2013-07-20_21.36.58.png 2013-07-20_21.37.07.png
  12. try using mineimator, even if your bad at it (theres guides on youtube) you can give people a better idea of what you want
  13. Ummm Mkay
  14. Also if Legend gets one I lik better faster Then this is cancelled
  15. Why don't you direct Legend to this thread? He will get extra pay and you will not be wasting the time of people on this thread?
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  16. Organization and being more serious about it would help. People are posting helpful and good ideas, and you kinda just brush them off as nothing. That could discourage other people from helping you. At least make people think you are taking them seriously, and that their effort is actually being considered. Might help:)
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