Me... Losing my leg hair.. Through wax ;-;

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  1. Well hey guys, as the title suggests I'm going to post a video of me losing a portion of my leg hair.
    The main reason this happened is because well I suck at trying to wheelie on a bike so my friend won that challenge and the loser (me) had to use a wax strip on my leg. Ouch.

    Here goes!
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  2. ha.... waxed nub - next time do it to the hair on ur head
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  3. Muahahaha >: D That scream :p
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  4. at first I skimmed through this and read, "i did a wheelie on my bike then found all my leg hair stuck to the bike."
    was much differenter.
  5. lol just lol
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  6. pffft I've waxed my legs for over 20 years. It does not even hurt rofl :D
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  7. I used like Veet? And I didn't realise that each strip was actually two pressed together ;-; my parents were like ohh don't waste ot so I had to use two on my gorilla legs cx
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  8. I'll try to find the before/after shots of my leg for everyone who's so interested xD
  9. Oh, man! She pulled it off quite slowly too!

    I cringe for you my friend! >.<
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  10. Did the pain take a while to reach you? Because you were kind of laughing at first, then the pain appeared to set in... Although I suppose you could be hysterical.
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  11. My mum couldn't stop laughing ;-; On the second strip she stopped half way ;-; That one sucked. A great lesson in life.. when you make a stupid bet with your friend NEVER involve waxing.
    It was pulled off and I was like.. hmm this isn't too.... AHHHH WTF MUM and then you see me holding my leg while I laugh but cry inside as I know I have one more strip ;-; hahs
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  12. Are you gonna start to wear panty hose too? I'm just kidding. Everyone wears thigh high hose now.
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  13. "A man should never remove hair from anywhere below his neck "- Ron Swanson
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