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  1. Hey guys, when I posted that "Crappy Blog" about the 1.8 snapshot, I actually enjoyed making it so I thought I would post my thoughts about this server and where I could see improvements in my messed up visions.

    I want to say this now: Can the staff team make some rules for the Maximum Increments? This is seriously pissing me and maybe some others off. Just look at Faithcaster's 10r maximum increment. 44 freaking pages. People might as well do a Defined Increment of 5r to screw people over and have the auction go on for 500 pages. I will applaud anybody who does that.

    Once the EULA passes over, it would be neat to release the final part of Dragon Tombs and the Games World at once so both kinds of people will be overly excited and quite possibly piss their pants. I really am not excited for Dragon Tombs, I suck at killing mobs and such. Would much rather have the Games world.

    As for the YouTube title goes, I am all for it. It is very hard to get views and subscribers and an idea I think will benefit those people who have the YouTube title is possibly a page for YouTubers. Perhaps the YouTubers can post their videos on said page to get more publicity and encourage people to try to get the title themselves.

    I really cannot think of much more off the top of my head other than finishing the thread JackBiggin made a while back and is still WIP.
  2. I can dig all these ideas
  3. Singling out players, and calling them out is very rude, and probably doesn't need to happen. However, the "Maximum Increment" approach to an auction is a very strategic one. It keeps the auction at a generally lower price so more people want it. It also keeps it on the Recent Threads page longer. It is a great approach to take, with the cost of time. They usually take a while to complete, but in the end, everyone is happy. That is the goal in Auctioning on the Empire. If you want money faster, you don't have to use a Maximum Increment in your auction. But sometimes, you don't need the money as fast, and want to give the most amount of players the chance to bid atleast once.

    This does not "screw people over". If anything, it gives everyone an equal chance to get atleast one bid in. These auctions usually also go for cheaper than auctions without a Max Increment, and give people great deals, and does not "screw people over".
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  4. I just want to say... 'Empire Minecraft and I'

    Also, putting a maximum bid increment on an auction is totally up to the auctioneer. Initially, there is no maximum limit to pricing; I can put the starting bid or maximum increment to any number, if I feel the pricing should be as such. Maximum increments may help keep monopolists from bidding 10,000 rupees immediately above everyone else ending the bid instantly - This helps more people come into the auction and have a chance to win.
  5. Max bid increments are annoying, it is ultimately up to the Auction Host though.
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  6. As someone taking part in the auction in question, I'd have to challenge this right here.

    In the mindset of low pricing, the only way that will ever happen is if everyone gets bored at once and stops bidding. So long as two people are at it, the price will go up and up. . . at a snail's pace. From what I've seen in other max bid auctions so far, the final bid will be just barely below the pricing of a standard auction. This is because strategically, auctioneers only will place max bids on desirable items that they want to make sure will end up at a high price.

    Here's the current standing for the mentioned auction. I'm in two PMs with a multitude of people cycling in and out, trying to sort out how to split it with them. Some people are ok with a 9 way split :)confused:), but others want all or nothing, and others yet want a portion larger than the others. Of course in the end everyone would pay their fair share, but for what? A few items and a couple hundred rupees gone? After all the time waiting through 40+ pages of a spammy auction, the chaos and poor turnout leave a fair hint of dissatisfaction. . .

    So from the get-go and throughout, insanely small max bid increment auctions cause a lot of problems. I can expect the end, that is, getting everyone to pitch in and take what's theirs, will be to be a mess like the rest of the auction.

    In general, I am fine these sorts of auctions. But seriously, Moderation. 500r or so maximum is moderate. 10r is not. What makes me dislike them is the overall inability to, you guessed it, moderate them. Constant Ninja bids and bickering over who gets what are the factors that drive people over the deep end with these auctions. In addition, as you correctly stated, the cost of time. . . It's grinding a lot of gears.
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  7. I'm going to auction a Dragon egg.

    Starting bid: 0
    Max bid: 1

    How many pages will that be?
  8. Let's see...

    Around 300k responses.

    If there is 10 replies per page (I dunno if I am right here) then that will be 30k pages.
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