MC Should Have Emerald Tools

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Should MC Have Emerald Tools?

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Yes 21 vote(s) 48.8%
No 22 vote(s) 51.2%
  1. Hey Guys i was just thinking i'd like to start a new thread and all that and then i thought Minecraft [MC] should have Emerald Tools! And Redstone Blocks! Please post anything about whether you agree disagree and all that! Thanks!
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  2. First what would redstone blocks do? And what would be the point wasting emeralds on tools?
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  3. Well Redstone Blocks could do more than redstone torches and repeaters and dust. You could create a piston door and the Redstone Block could be put on the side of the res! And Emerald tools would last for ages and like never run out it would be the same as diamond!
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  4. Then why emeralds already Have great purposes.
    Yeah redstone blocks could be crafted like glowstone.
  5. We don't have emerald tools because each mineral already "fills out" all our needs.
    For example: Wooden Pickaxe (Low speed) is used to mine stone, Stone Pickaxe (Medium speed) is used to mine iron, Iron Pickaxe (High speed) is used to mine diamonds and gold. The Diamond Pickaxes are used to mine in "ultra speed" and the gold ones are for decoration purposes (At least this is how I see it).
    So I don't think we need a higher speed tool or another decoration tool.
    About the redstone blocks, I think they could work like Lapiz blocks, but red, a bit more dark then red wool, but with no actual use, only for building, like the Lapiz blocks I mentioned.
  6. Yeah i guess your right about emerald and redstone block! :rolleyes:
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  7. The only thing redstone blocks would do good is for storage,
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  8. Emerald tools would be awesome, but in logic, they make no sense what so ever and kinda waste emeralds, but if they could mine obsidian faster....
  9. Personally, I've never really given a thought to emerald tools; They are mainly used for decor and villager trading. Redstone blocks, however, I have wished for numerous times. Let me tell a small story here....

    I love the Clay Soldiers mod. So one thing I do is make small bases for each type of soldier. But I wanted something that was sturdier than wool for my favorites, the red/redstone soldiers. Redstone ore? Simple fix for the Redstone ones. But the Reds were my problem. Which is why redstone blocks should be implemented, among other things. A red block, sturdier than wool.

    So that's where I stand.
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  10. No red stone blocks could be a block which gives out electrics currents like a redstone torch. And for a piston to active a redstone block would be next to it . I like redstone block but not emerald tools :)
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  11. I don't see why we need that kind of block, it is just not needed. The only thing why I would like to have it is for storage and decoration. :)
  12. The whole point of the Emerald, is to provide Minecraft (Especially servers) with a currency. By taking Emerald, and making it useful ruins the point, and purpose of the item.
  13. Redstone blocks? It's too mushy to be put together in to a blockish form. REALISM!!!!
  14. I like the idea. It sounds cool.

    What I was thinking about emeralds is that they could be supper fast (like eff IV) automatically, but would run out in like 300 uses (which is terrible).

    Restone blocks would be a good decorating item. I dont know if they would have a purpose. Maybe like a block when the redstone runs out is gives it 9 (9 redstone dust to make one) blocks extra length.
  15. Great contribution.
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  16. Then why do they have lapis blocks?
    Exact same thing. :rolleyes:
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  17. I'ts called hardening it with bonemeal.
    Problem solved.
  18. I honestly think redstone blocks should be implemented although they should have any power related to them. They should simply be for the purpose of storage and decoration. The emerald tools is a great idea and I have thought of it before but never decided to post. I understand that emerald was implemented into the game purely as a currency but it would be nice to make emerald tools as well as armour. Perhaps the emerald tools and armour could be slightly better than diamond durability wise but only be as fast as a wooden tool, this would be to counteract the gold tool usage: lasts about as long as wooden tools however is almost as fast as diamond. In the armour it can last a slight bit longer than diamond but only protect you as much as leather armour.

    I think emerald tools and armour are things that definitely need to be added into Minecraft. I do like the idea of redstone blocks being implemented but it should only be for the purpose of storage and decoration. However something I would like to see implemented into Minecraft is sticky redstone, a block of which looks and acts like normal redstone but let's you place it up walls and on the bottom of blocks. Perhaps sticky redstone repeaters could also be added. the crafting recipe for sticky redstone could be one slimeball in the center of the 3x3 crafting grid with the remaining areas of the grid filled with redstone dust. for repeaters I'm not too sure...

    Anyways I like this idea and it does deserve to be looked into and given some thought as it could add so much amazing stuff to the game!
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  19. I think you forgot to mention the new 9x9 crafting table you need to make the sticky redstone...
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