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  1. Ok so I am just now getting back into EMC after a nearly 2.5 year break due to work and I have missed a ton. Once this I just noticed was that the launcher seems to want me to update to newer version. If this something I should wait on or is it cool to do that now? I am going to be playing catch up on a ton of stuff so if this is one more to add then I will do so. Any info or advice is greatly welcomed.
  2. I strongly recommend using Magic Launcher. Makes mods easier to turn on/off, and makes a lot of stuff easier :)
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  3. yeah bro good thing I told ya to install that launcher :p
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  4. 100% my idea no clue what this man is talking about he is crazey

    jk it may have been his idea ;)
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  5. Yes, Minecraft has a new launcher now. It makes things a lot easier. So, you do need to update.
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  6. I have found that magic launcher is sometimes randomply incompatible with certain mods such as Lightloader. I would recommend multimc instead.
  7. liteloader works perfectly fine for me on Magic Launcher. You must not be doing it right
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  8. I thought I saw something where the creator of Lightloader said how it didn't work or something :confused:. I am glad it works though.
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