Maze Madness

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  1. The community of EMC is invited to participate in a chance to win 25,000 rupees!!!
    The process is simple, just find your way through the mazes at the smp3 funpark (/fun)
    and the first person to start a convo with me with the 5 correct passcodes wins.

    The contest starts at the hedge maze entrance and finishes at the hedge maze exit, the codes can be located anywhere within the hedge maze or its underground areas.

    There are no prizes for second place or for anything other then the first person with all 5 passcodes.

    Good luck and don't hate me. :p

  2. somthing happening on SMP3 finnaly :D
    after im done in the end thats where im going :D
  3. This looks really awesome!!! SMP3!
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  4. Thanks for the fun competition! Just finished. I think everyone should spend some time in this maze, especially in the underground part. It is a lot of fun! It might even brain your damage. :)
  5. I hope you'll be done in the end soon enough;)
  6. i finished the maze and sign ages ago :p
  7. Step aside. Demon is in town
  8. So that's what you were doing the yesterday. I'll give it a shot.
  9. Really? Dang, I went the first chance I had and finished it in 10 minutes.
  10. Lol it took me longer than ten minutes i also couldn't figure out where the first sign was :p.
    The 3rd sign i think it was was the most annoying not knowing where to start
  11. GoldenApple12345 was out victor for this round, I will run them randomly and switch up the signs/mazes to ensure each round is legit. Congratulations goldenapple12345, your prize will be in your account shortly. :)
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