MAYDAY - Please help!

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  1. Please help,

    in past hour I was attacked sever times with fire, first from *_**_***, then from ***********.
    They, and other few, destroyed my grinder and the spawner, locked one of my chests, set fire to my base on smp6.

    At the moment, ****** and ***** are searching for me using the live map on smp6.
    I fear attack and griefing again. I have plenty of screenshots documenting what happened.

    Please help asap.
  2. Take screenshots with the F2 key or whatever you may have macro'd to do so. PM a mod and send them the images. May do good to contact friends to come in and try to catch them as in the act as well.
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  3. Even if you have hard proof, take it to the mods via a PM on the site, rather than accusing publicly. I suggest you edit out those names quickly.
  4. How do I find mod online quickly?
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  5. On the forums page, there is a place that shows online staff on the forums. click on one, then start a conversation.
  6. ***** and ******* are griefing my second base at the very moment
  7. I did start conversation. there is no response :(
  8. Be patient!
  9. Please remove the names from all your posts.

    Do not accuse people on here. Only via private messages to mods.

    Remove the names, now, by editing your earlier posts.

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  10. I've removed the names... :(
  11. do yourself a HUGE FREAKIN FAVOR. pm at least 2-3 different mods at the same time. ( copy and paste ) that way you ensure a response. ( i recomend green) also dont log back on.

    and soemthing tells me you arnt far from spawn. go about 10k out and THEN make a home. its not hard..
  12. I had to run for my virtual life ... but I've made it to the outpost :(
    They came few minutes later and were confronted by me and another player.
    One of them was holding stolen enchanting table in the hand!
    When confronted, they gave me back some stuff!

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  13. If you have screen shots, pm them to me =]
    Unless another mod is already handling the situation.
  14. Contrary to what Copher said a while ago, justice HAS been done, and 4 griefers have been done away with this day.
    ~Love, Green_Mystery
  15. I wish i could have seen their ban messages in game, thats the best part:(
  16. Thank you.

    That's the most sensible thing I've seen for a long time.

    I just gave you 1000r to help you get going again.

    Thanks for being sensible. I'm sure mods will help kick out the idiots; don't let 'em spoil it.

    If you want to go dig a hole with me one day... give me a shout.

  17. Thank you all.
    It was already very helpful during the whole thing that someone has heard my "emergency call."

    I managed to resist and survive with minimum of defense, without attacking them back.

    Thank you Herbrin3, I have enough rupees. If you're interested in building XP farms let me know,
    but it is probably pointless if the wild is really going to be reset.

    I've learned a thing or two ...

    - Some kids playing on EMC are surprisingly ignorant and ill-bred (and shall I say mindless?) and can be extremely rude and ruthless - and it is very hard to recognize that early. A week or two of interaction is not enough!
    (Some are just wonderful, intelligent, diligent and modest...)

    - If your life is threatened, a good option is to hide real fast and disconnect, then eventually reconnect, appearing "out of nothing" to take screenshots... It is possible to survive several attacks without attacking back. Wear enchanted diamond armor at all times in the wild ;)

    Have fun!

    PS: I'm saving rupees in order to try to organize a community project, but after yesterday experience ... the chance for success might be low...

    BTW, I'm against the reset on smp6 (where was this reset thread again?) - not because of (now gone) XP farms and bases, but because it is like accepting failure and giving up, not trying to survive (isn't this survival mode?) and develop from what is there (and there is more than enough) . Inconsistencies are very rare on smp6 and I think placing a block is enough to correct. They should be corrected in the database without a reset...
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