May Start A Server! Advice?

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  1. Heya EMC

    I may start a server. I have had them ebfore and know what to do, but im asking for advice things that you know such as plugins, how to get people etc just post them!

    IF I start one I may look for plugin devs, mods/admins and builders!
  2. YouTube and wiki is your beast friend in this case. :)
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  3. If it's a PvP server, always have an anti-combat logging plugin. Also, maybe spleef and HG. TF2 would be awesome!
  4. Advice for a new server... hmm...

    My best piece of advice is that chances are, you'll not get anywhere near EMC standard. *cough*hewhomustnotbenamed*cough*

    But, don't install plugins from "unofficial" sources, it wont end well. Also, it's generally best to get the server hosted, instead of hosting it yourself.
  5. I was going to get it hosted and I know it wont be as good as EMC it will be better! Im joking!
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  6. Gray text revealed! :p
  7. Don't get all of essentials in one. Use iConomy if you want an economy. And there are people on who offer to make plug-ins for you if you want custom. Or you could ask me and then wait for me to be screwed to learn Java.
  8. My one piece of advice is..........CHECK FOR HACKERS. I've seen servers rise and fall because of them.cough*jerkfaces*cough.Make sure to check for them. As Abraham Lincoln once said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand."
  9. i kinda knew about this..... :p skype me?
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  10. Just make sure not to advertise the server. (chat spamming) :) Just a litle friendly reminder. =)
  11. Ok!

    Everyone, im not going to make a server now. Maybe after Christmas. 2 of my old friends when I was running another server just joined EMC :D
  12. Unless the hackers are going to be part of the staff on the server, that quote doesnt relate.
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  13. Lol, so did I :p I'm one of the plugin developers.
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  14. What kind of server do you want to make? :D


  15. How did you learn Java? I want to learn it :)
  16. I can be a builder
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  18. To be honest, I just learnt it myself, but there are alot of pretty good tutorials out there on youtube. I first began to practice Java by building on a Minecraft mod for 6 months straight:
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  19. grey revealed again
  20. Have devotion, I have a server, but it's rarely even up.