May 26th [Huge Drop Party Plus Spleef]

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Would you like Shovels/Pickaxes for the Spleef

Yes 27 vote(s) 84.4%
No 5 vote(s) 15.6%
  1. Hey Emciers

    My year is in 23 days so there a so much to do but anyway.
    There will be 3 levels of spleef

    - Netherrack

    - Cobblestone

    - Dirt

    Please Bring Shovels and pickaxes [If you want me to supply pickaxes/shovels please vote at the poll above]

    Drop Party

    Here is the drop party this is where you will be given stuff from chests which was donated.


    Please donate items to make it better at 18027 that is where the party will start.

    The room of the drop party will be in the building inside

    Information (Dates,Time) BST TIME:23:00 (Britsh Summer Time), CST: 17:00 (Central Standart time), EST:18:00 (Eastern) :)
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  2. I so gonna be there -Swerve
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  3. I might go there any pics of the res?
  4. Oh Yes ;)

    This is where you donate at 18027 2014-05-03_23.05.02.png
    Drop Party Room (18027) 2014-05-03_23.05.24.png
    Almost done Spleef room As you see netherrack, cobble, dirt There are the pics
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  5. *Suggestion Would you like to have 2 seperate rooms sorted as diamond/gold supporter room
    and iron/regular room if so please like this post thanks*
  6. For the event no
  7. Bump

    *NOTICE: The Construction on Spleef and Drop Party Room Thank BTHarrold98 For Help Build the Spleef and Captaincraft300 for doing the redstone for the drop party*
  8. Here Is a Youtube Video Please Watch for Info
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  9. Bumping away again please donate items at 18027 to make the drop party bigger and more funnier
  10. Bump Please donate items at 18027 to make the drop party better
  11. Bump Please donate drop party items at 18027
  12. Oohh... it is getting close...