Maxarias and Aikar - MARRIED!

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  1. Everyone, Max and I have been engaged for 1 year and 5 months EXACTLY, and finally got married today!

    We were going to live stream it, but my elders suggested we not so we can edit (incase we messed up any, but it ended up going perfectly!) and get a polished video up to release.... So give us some time to release that!

    So, we went "Different". We wanted to get married in fall time, but did not have the money to the wedding we really want... So we missed it this year. But, we decided we did not want to wait yet another year before doing it and claiming the legal benefits, so we decided to do a "Courthouse Wedding", but my step father did the wedding for us at our house!

    We had a few family, friends and coworkers (and boss come) to make the moment even better :)

    Then next year in the fall we are aiming to do another ceremony, fuller to our dreams. Get our cake and eat it too!

    We will get pictures and video soon as we can, multiple people got video and pics, so got to combine them :)

    In humorous notes: In our vows... Max opened up with talking about how when we first met I played Minecraft at work and how awesome she thought that was.... (You noticed I said my boss and coworkers were here?!).. it was great though.


    NOTICE: Please do not friend us on Facebook. I keep my FB to RL friends and Family only and Max has a seperate profile here she uses for EMC: < Friend her there
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  2. CONGRATS!!!!!

    When you do have the ceremony, we are going to PARTY!!!!

    I love both of you guys and I am so happy for the two of you. =)
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  3. Congrats Kid, me and my old lady have been engaged for 5 years now
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  6. Congrats! Super happy for you guys :D
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  7. Gratz on you and Max's special day! Wish you both a happy and wonderful life togethers!

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  8. Congrats :D
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  9. Congratulations guys! You two are perfect together! :D
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  10. Congrats aikar and maxarias! Very happy for you guys :D
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  11. :D congradulations
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  12. Congratz, did not know you guys knew each other in real life. Hope everything goes well :D.
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  13. *Makes an arrow to the knee joke*
    Congrats to you both!
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  14. Everyone - thank you so very much for all your congratulations. It really means a lot. :)
  15. Your Welcome
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  16. Good luck with wedding.
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  17. Your welcome :)
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  18. Its about time xD I remember when I first heard of you two getting engaged :) congratulations too you both :D
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