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  1. Just something. ;p
    *(2) means to the power of two.
  2. Ah I see, lemme check.
  3. False. line 5 is incorrect
  4. I don't quite understand how you're going from step to step. The equalities in lines 5 and 6 can't be true unless a and b are zero. The last statement should be 0=0.
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  5. Yay! People remember their algebra!
  6. I am not exactly sure what they are teaching you all in school anymore. Just because you know how to do basic Algebra - doesn't mean you can just pull variables out of nowhere and throw them into your equation

  7. (a - b)(a + b) = b(a - b)

    I thinnk he tried to make it like this. But yes, there is a mistake in line 5.
  8. What about this:

    Let's just substuitute a for b then:
    (We're doing good so far...)

    Falls apart here:
    *(2) means to the power of two.
  9. The problem as I see it is that (a-b)=0. Division by zero is undefined, since there is no number that, multiplied by zero gives you a number that is non-zero. So dividing both sides by (a-b) won't work.
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  10. something that is divided by 0 is infinity you should divide your bank balance by 0
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  12. Uuuh no more maths please! I have enough with my homework :confused::D
  13. actually, it's a black hole. Don't divide by zero please.
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  14. lolololololololololololol
    look! a bridge!
  15. 2/0. Wait, what the...?!
    black hole.jpg
  16. Aaaah sorry!!!
  17. I can divide by 0! I won't break your computer!

    Oh, for the love of...
  18. My calculus teacher told me that Stephen Hawking tried to divide by zero - and look at what happened to him :p
  19. Why, is that a challenge?!