[MATH] Item Dispense Probability

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Algebra was never my strong subject, and when it came to probabilities I really got lost.
    Now, I remember an example somewhere, sometime, about having multiple of the same option out of a group of choices, and being completely mind-boggled about how wrong I was.

    Now I would think that I have a 3/9 chance to get daisies, 3/9 chance to get allium, (33%/common) 2/9 chance to get cookies, (22 % / less common) ) and 1/9 (11% /rare) chance to get xp with the setup I have here:

    BUT, I want to make sure.. I think what may be confusing me is if you were to combined two draws (like rolling dice twice and figuring probability) which is not the case/problem I'm looking to solve. but, again, I always got confused on probability... and I've never been a gambling girl lol.

    ALSO, are there any dispenser mechanics I should know about in my calculations? Or is it pretty much random?
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  2. Your math is correct. Each slot in the dispenser has a 1/9 chance of dispensing when activated, if all the slots are filled.
    If only 8 slots are filled, it's a 1/8 chance, if only 7 are filled, 1/7 and so on.
    Source: I have math in my name.
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  4. The best truth I've heard in ages on EMC.
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  5. Thank you...and from a trusted source! I wanted to make sure. It seems so simple, but I didn't want to post incorrect information!
  6. lmao