Math isn't boring!

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  1. I was just looking around a bit, and found this video on Youtube, and I thought it was pretty awesome. Because the school season is starting next week for me and I don't have a smartphone, I would practice a bit :p
    Pretty awesome, isn't it?

    And yes, I lol'd here, look at this Picture (and the chat)
  2. Math......
    Learning new things makes me feel like my brain is on fire.
    Since i'm estonian, i didn't get a WORD what she was saying.
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  3. I didn't get many too, but some is a bit funny :p
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  4. All Those Doodle's put mine to shame:confused: so many years wasted just drawing on the side of paper should have took whole page up lol owell
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  5. Math is brilliant it helps you work out profit and loss
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  6. Yeah, I know, it is one of my favorite classes on school!
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  7. I guess i can considere math as one of my favorite classes, becase there is always a fun and laugh.
    I'm really amused how some of my classmates manages to make math teacher laugh.

    ... am gonna miss that idiot guy, he really entertained us.
    (altough am glad he choosed to go do canada, he annoyed me for TOO LONG, except the parts when the whole class laughed of his stupity)
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  8. I love the pic though! :p
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  9. yeah it is.
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  10. I thought I was good at this... :p
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  11. I can easily make 20k everyday on emc because of math :D
  12. I love that video. I've been drawing those shapes, out of parabolas it would seem, since I was a little kid. I'm going to go draw some in the morning now!
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  13. I tried it on school when I was bored, I failed very badly though! :p
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  14. Ah - but no fractals - I lurv fractals :) (and matrices, differential calculus, integral calculus, analytic geometry, trigonom......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
  15. Im great at mental math, yet I hate it.
    Why cant I just love it? It would make life so much easier.
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  16. I enjoy doodling, but compared to the random lines I draw this is amazing.
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  17. Personally, math stays exciting as long as you are using it to find a solution to a real world problem. Obviously every math problem ends in a solution, but it's the ones that give you a real world scenario (like find the shortest route or how a bullet will fly) that I enjoy most.

    Math really is the basis for nearly every science, and science is the basis behind nearly everything else. Knowing math gives you the backdoor into almost every field. Personally, you show me a person that has worked through problems like the one below (taken from my last math class from college - Mathmatics for Physicists), and I'll show / find them a job. If you can solve a math problem, it shows you're willing to put effort and time working towards a solution, and that's all most companies are looking for when they hire someone.

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  18. I remember a while back on SMP2 333kirby and I were having a math battle, trying to solve a bunch of complicated stuff (for a sophomore in high school, anyway). Eventually a few more people got into it and then we had almost every supporter throwing up different problems for everyone else to solve. It was pretty fun and engaging.
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  20. Other excellent books:

    The Jungles Of Randomness - Ivars Peterson
    Fermat's Last Theorem - Simon Singh
    The World's Treasury Of Physics, Astronomy & Mathematics - edited by Timothy Ferris
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