Materials And Help Needed For The Smp4 Paradise Project

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  1. I want to start by saying how proud I am of every one of you who have been a part of this Community Project in any way.
    We could not do something this grand without the efforts of everyone.

    You are all asking for what we need so OB1 and I got together and this is what we came up with as Top Priorities....

    Quartz will ALWAYS be the #1 Need...
    *Remember* A DC of Quartz Blocks Donation gets you a R0bbie Head :)

    *Please make it blocks if possible. Silk does this.
    ** If you are going out just for us we will get you a Good Helmet and a Good Silk Pick.... Just return when below 75 and we will replace it for you :)

    Paper/Sugar Cane/Emeralds
    For the Villagers who give us diamond tools and armor... to repair!
    * As best I could keep up we used 59 Eff IV or V and all Unb III Diamond Shovels.... lol

    Nether Brick
    We are getting low again on it.... Of course Quartz and Glowstone are tops too so if it is all coming to the Project we will supply armor and tools for you to turn in when done.

    Other materials will always be needed, like blaze rods and gunpowder... But those here are the Top Priorities.... You can take them to 8100 anytime. We do not have to be there.
    ** If you are donating for a R0bbie Head... please wait on a Sr Crew member so we can make sure you get your reward :)

    Again THANK YOU....
    You are all amazing!
  2. First, and all I can say is this wall is epic!
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  3. Congratz on 1k posts, by the way.
    I will head out tomorrow and see if I can get a few stacks of clay, paper, and nether brick.
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  4. I think I'll donate some clay when I get on tommorow, should have 9-12 stacks of blocks
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  5. I can gather Quartz and Glowstone tomorrow.
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  6. Nick I want you to know publicly, that although I have not known you on our amazing server for very long, you have by far become one of the most amazing players I have ever met!
    YOU are the reason why this project was started. You jump out...never stop... and never have a bad thing to say in chat!
    You are the kind of player we love having!!!

    Thank You Buddy!
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  7. That would be awesome! Thank You :)
  8. OUR TOP PRIORITY!!! Thank You :)
  9. Just put about 2 stacks of glowstone and 13 stacks of quartz in the donation chest.
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  10. Yesterday I got about 5 stacks of clay blocks but i'll get alot more today
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  11. robbie u gave me a shovel come to my res on smp7 to pick it up i never see u online


    meanwhile ill work with stone shovels-lol
  12. I'll work on getting a DC of Quartz blocks for you :)
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  14. We have now shifted to gathering all the Sandstone that I have been taking the sand off of for months now. You will have to be a Gold/Diamond supporter as it is on Utopia.
    We have rails laid and storage and camp set up there.... We even have a huge unexplored Ravine for those of you who like to take breaks.... :)
    Let me know if you want to help and I will be out there in about 1 hour. I have the picks as long as you promise not to let them break and return them for exchanges as you use them :)

    Hope to see a few of you come! And thank you ahead of time :)
  15. I'm free for the next 2 hours and I'll be able to make it out on my alt (Welshgamer) :)
  16. I will be there in abt 20 minutes :)
  17. Time to gather, havent been out in a while should be nice :)
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  18. Awesome!

    Clay is on my agenda when I have no one to go to the Nether with! See me if you want to go get Quartz! :)