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  1. As Crazy said, this is but a minor inconvenience. I'm not trying to say that your hard work is worthless, I'm just saying that it's not horribly hard to replace what you lost, especially with eggifying being free in this week leading up to the reset. If you want your stuff I suggest you get to work.
  2. firstly admit to yourself that you were careless enough to leave people with Permissions to your res.

    secondly, write off the goods there's nothing you can do to retrieve them.

    Thirdly, Take this as a very valuable lesson, From now on always be careful when handing out permissions and remember to take them straight back off when that person who has them no longer needs it to your res for what ever reason you gave it to them in the first place. Accept it as a learning curve. Be careful.

    and lastly, Play and enjoy Minecraft like you did when you first started off.
  3. Guys, lighten up. The guy lost his stuff and to me, that's a big problem. I'm investigating this case as I type this. Spenser6, DON'T REMOVE ANY FLAGS YET.
  4. Sorry Green, I was just assuming that no blame could be pinned.
  5. Call me the Sherlock Holmes of EMC Moderation. Luckily, Spenser only gave res build/container perms to two people, and judging by the time Spenser discovered his items were missing (I'm assuming almost an hour ago) to the times these two people logged on last I think I already have an idea of who it may have been.
  6. Wheeee. We got a detective :D
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  7. Can you ban someone for stealing if they're the only one who has perms? that would seem like an automatic decision.
  8. Thanks for trying to quote me. :)
    I do stand by my quote, regardless of Green_Mystery's decision to enact justice or at least perform an investigation...

    When you give them permissions to your residence, you should monitor their actions.. Who in their right mind lets a stranger, shielded by the anonymity of the internet, into their private domain and gives them free range? Ridiculous... You bring it upon yourself.
    This does not excuse the selfish act of theft/vandalism but it is preventable by being RESPONSIBLE.

    This situation is similar to the "my sibling/friend/pet used my account while I was out 'being an upstanding citizen' and got me banned" charade. You are RESPONSIBLE for your self.
  9. thanks for trying to quote me also. xD

    Anyways: Yeah you lost items valued on less than 1k rupees, I'm pretty shure that isn't a MAYOR grief, just a dumb grief who's only responsable it's you.
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  10. The way I had that written originally would have been rated TV-MA by the Motion Picture Association for graphic language, sexual innuendo, and pure indecency. ;)
  11. Not necessarily. I mean there is NO proof you didn't move/break it yourself. I mean it seems unlikley that you don't like someone so much that you are trying to sabotage this person and get them banned. Hypothetically w/out picture or video proof or a confession not much can be done. I DO however commend Green for not just shrugging and saying too bad. It proves that our staff isn't just sitting and kicking Spammers... they are really making a big difference in the community.
  12. With Green on the case, it's as good as solved!

    I want to reiterate on this topic: don't accuse people by name in the forums. Let one of us know via a PM or preferably the /report system.

    Second, when I was new to the Empire, I spent days digging out a huge underground monster grinder with water channels and a lava knife. I built a hidden outpost in the side of a mountain up stairs from the grinder. The outpost had chests full of all kinds of stuff, but most of the more valuable things were hidden in a chest in the wall. I'd never really heard of the forums and the [lock] feature didn't exist yet in any case. One day I was digging a passage around the large grinder and another player was in the passage running around. I have no idea how he got down there because I didn't see any hole for him to enter through, but there he was. I chatted "hello" to him and he didn't reply. I went about my business feeling pretty safe because I'd read the tutorial and rules and saw that griefing and stealing weren't allowed.

    Anyway, the next time I logged on I was at the bottom of the stairs and there was a waterfall coming down them. I swam up and found that all of the non-hidden chests were missing, my indoor infinite pool fishing pond was destroyed (the source of the water down the stairs) and assorted other destruction. And a sign with the name of the same player I had seen earlier thanking me was left in the damage. I took screenshots, I tracked down a mod (in a PM), and I was sure I would get satisfaction. Well, I was told what everyone else gets told: a picture of a sign doesn't prove anything. And when I calmed down, I realized that was true.

    Although I'm still sure that player was responsible for the damage. And now that I'm a mod, do you want to know what I've done to that player? Absolutely nothing, because the fact is I don't really know anything.
  13. LOL.
    Then you didn't try to quote mine, it was another one who wrote that.
  14. LOL i'm so confused. How would you input a sexual innuendo into that???
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  15. I'll join GTW :p always wanted to join a wild community!!!
  16. hey man if youre gonna make such a big deal ill cart over some
    stuff from smp2 and help you restock your supplies