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  1. I walked in from exploring and i found a 1x2 hole in my wall and half of the contents of my double chest gone (15 iron ,2 and a half stacks of wood ,various dyes at least 12 spawner eggs, 8 gold ingots and more) i really would like my stuff replaced cause i worked very hard to get my stuff :( :(
  2. :(
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  3. You know the rules about building in the wild.
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  4. but i was in the town i though mod were supposed to do a roll back or somthing? i thought the thief would at least get banned :( :(
  5. If it was in town, only people you gave permissions on your lot could've done it. Still not the mods problem.
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  6. thanks i think i know who did it the >_> the fires of hat no fury like i am about to >_>
  7. and i locked my chest and hey still got in to it :( :(
  8. They can't do a roll back, or even ban the thief, if they don't have proof or know who it was. Sadly, you will most likely need screenshots of the theft taking place to warrant proper action.
  9. What server you play on? Because after the reset I am starting a wild community. Would you like to jion, I am on smp1.
  10. You can't lock your chests in town... Also, while this may be irrelevant, I don't consider this a massive theft. It is a minor inconvenience, at best.
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  11. before, you go and do something, please just take a step back and think about it.

    you "think" you know who did it, but if you plan on revenge or anything else over it, it could be you that gets banned.

    Like SillyWhiteMage has stated, only people "you" gave permissions to could have possibly have done it. But I will state something i have seen on this forums before.

    Would you give a stranger the keys to your house / Car ? Or the Pin for for credit card?
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  12. Agreed. From what I read you lost the equivalent of less than 1000r, depending on where you get items.
  13. and i am not gonna do anything
    i am checking the res of the ppl that have permissions for me
  14. Remember this, Spenser: If you steal your items back from whoever you think stole from you, you are just as well at risk of being banned.
  15. iI know know who did it >_> only one other dude has permissions i am coming for you "other person" and if you see this you wont mind me checking your Res for my stuff if you didnt do anything >_>

    [edited by edmundwayne: don't accuse people by name in the forums--it's just a matter of time before I start banning people for this practice!]
  16. (dislike) Wrong way to go about things Spenser,

    How can you be 110% sure that the items in the accused are yours? everyone has wood iron gold etc etc.

    Just man up and get out building again.
  17. And i dont intend to steal back Crazy1080 i dont wanna get banned i just want to know that he has my stuff
  18. how would you suggest i go about this then ?
  19. i guess so , but w=how else would someone steal it without permissions?