Massive SALE @ 13130 smp6

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  1. I am fully stocked and bursting at the seems and so decided to have a huge SALE every price in the shop or almost anyway has been reduced and i have full double chests of most items so why no why not come along to 13130 smp6 and you might just pick up a bargain or 10 :D happy shopping
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  2. Progress on the big SALE at 13130 lots sold and lots to still sell don't miss out come check it out
  3. I'll try to make it to the sale! Do you sell lapis (blocks or dye) and do you sell glowstone? If so what price?
  4. he sells glowstone 24r each :)
  5. no 26r each
  6. first come first served i have too much stock to list prices just come and take a look around
  7. Ok so I seem to have underestimated how much stock I have :D, which is a good thing as it means plenty more bargains for all, it will not last though so to be sure to get some pop along to 13130 smp6. I still have iron gold diamonds logs stone sand and so much more.
  8. bought some wool! and thanks for taking the time to bring all that stuff over to my shop, sorry I ran out of rupees on you! :( and thanks for the gift;)
  9. SALE is still on I expect it to end in a day or so as soon as all stock or as much as i can sell is gone. I have loads of wool double chest loads about 6 double of white wool it will be sold one way or another so if you want loads of wool best go get it ASAP.

    I have sold most if not all of my wood but if I have time I will harves my oak trees tomorrow which is just less then a double chest of logs.

    lots of music disc's also 50r each
    wool 64r a stack most colours if not all
    slimes sticky pistons

    I had so much stock even I am stunned with the amount almost 400k sold so far less a couple of well deserving donations that I rarely make so don't ask i do as I see it, these ppl helped me out so as I say fare is fare.

    anyway you would be helping me out to buy my stock otherwise it will come with me.
  10. The Sale is now over, tnx to everyone that helped clear some of my stock 500k worth lol and I still have a load to sell so i have opened up a smaller shop on smp1 res 843.

    I hope this is a good move for me I will not be spending my like in the shop here though so if you want to visit your welcome but I may not be around much. The wild is calling me to adventure back out there so I will do that, in the mean time if you need to contact me then use the website and send me a msg here as you may be ignored in game as I tend to turn chat off in the wild.
  11. Ill pop over later and buy a LOT