Married With Games 5th Video!

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  1. Finally the first few videos are over. We get to have some better audio. At least we hope so. Enjoy the video guys. We are thinking about having some kind of 'Contest' or 'Giveaway' for our subscribers, so if you are not subscribing, do it. Because we may be giving away a free steam game or something else at the top of the year.

    EP 5 - 'Can You Kill A Bat'

  2. Subscribed!
  3. At first I thought I heard "She's gonna say 'You can't mine it (iron) with a wooden pick'." and I was like "I'm not THAT Ba...wait they already recorded this before I was giving hints and help." xD

    :( Don't kill the bats. They're cute.
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  4. So everyone who would want to be in the drawing should suggest the steam game they would like to receive. We will be having a contest at the turn of the year :).
  5. :I Such a hard decision...I guess I'll say Castle Crashers since it has been forever since I was able to play it :D
  6. Terria! :D How ever you spell it.
  7. Who are you playing with?
  8. His wife. Superdogsomething
  9. My wife, Superdog93.