Married With Games 6th Video!

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  1. Man, these are just adding up quickly. I feel really weird typing this, as it seems that my daughter has put some kind of sticky substance on my keyboard... but anyways back to the video.
    Ep 6! Staircases and Silverfish!

    So, you guys viewing this thread and following will get insight on the free steam game giveaway. While the game is yet to be chosen, we are still taking suggestions. But we have decided on the rules on how to 'enter'.

    1. Subscribe to our channel :)
    2. Follow us on twitter @MarriedWGames
    If you do not have a twitter, you should, especailly if you like youtube, because its the best way to get youtube News :p.
    3. You Like and favorite the video announcing the contest. That has not happened yet, but you guys could be ahead of the game :).

    Anyways, enjoy the video.
  2. FINALLY was able to find your Twitter. Every time I searched @MarriedWGames it came up with something else that was searched and I can't figure how to clear them. I finally just typed it in.

    You also have bad luck with dieing :(. With the stairs did she just continue placing dirt out into the air or place stairs on them? I was trying so hard not to tell the screen JUST MAKE STAIR BLOCKS! xD Sorry.
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  3. The staircase is the main focus of the next couple of episodes. so stay tuned :). Also, I swear I am a good minecraft player >.>.. if you guys would have seen the silverfish event you would have agreed that was a bad turn of events. This is probably the worst playthrough I have ever had. Anyways, after the 8th episode (what we have recorded up to) we will start getting perspectives from both ends :).
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  4. Haha I was just wondering because I knew we were saying "make stairs make stairs" and then it shows her placing more dirt and it's out in the air etc. Silverfish are the worst things ever. I had someone place some stone and have me break it once, it was full and I died so many times. Then when brit and I were messing with the creative menu after it got the category update she accidentally placed them instead of stone brick. Worst things ever haha.
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  5. Love the videos. Thank you iSMOOCH