Marlix Suggestion

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Marine4121, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. Most of us find the marlix too easy to defeat, it doesn't have great accuracy and no melee. So heres my idea to make the marlix slightly harder to defeat but not like to hard like momentus.
    When the marlix shots his/her arrows why not let them explode? Only about the strength of a ghast's fireball, and with all those Minions (enraged skeletons) that extra 1 or 2 hearts would be a lot.

    Now most of you are going to say, "we don't want the frontier destroyed". Well marlix Doesn't spawn often in the frontier due to the amount of loaded chunks, I'm sure creepers spawn more often in the frontier than the marlix.
  2. I believe it would be possible to set the exploding arrows you suggested so that they explode and don't leave craters. I do love the ideas though, although I don't really like the exploding arrow idea.
  3. I want the frontier to remain pretty and I have a lot of trouble fighting a Marlix as it is now.
  4. I've never even seen one except in the tutorial. The only people who seem to see many Marlix or Momenti are those who hang around in the Waste waiting for them. They could be riding unicorns and flinging Rupees at people for all I know.
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  5. Actually I found my first Marlix the other way, and it just flew off, yeah I was going to run after it, but the amount of mobs in the path it flew away in...sheesh :p