Marlix Bug?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Hoops_McCann, May 6, 2015.

  1. I was in the process of battling Marlix which had recently spawned and I had stuck a handful of blows. Suddenly, game chat announced "Marlix has fallen" despite the fact that I had not hit it. There were no items dropped and no tokens given.

    Is it possible for Marlix to be killed by other hostile mobs? There was an enderman in the vicinity. Could the arrow fire from Marlix have angered it? The only other possibility I can conceive of is damage from a cactus since I was in a desert region.

  2. Wasn't this an April fools joke?
  3. marlix is dumb and aggro's all mobs cause of how fast he shoots. so if you arent careful its very likely that something else might kill him
  4. No April Fools joke. Just my first time fighting Marlix where I wasn't the one who killed it. Given how fast it went down I strongly suspect the enderman was the culprit. I really wanted to get some of that Marlix armor. Darn it.
  5. If it was in the frontier, then there's a good chance someone had already battled it and either left or was killed. Minibosses do not despawn when the chunk unloads, so theoretically it could be out there for years before being found again.
  6. Yeah, I actually killed Momentus with a single blow once. It had been substantially weakened beforehand. The big difference was that I was the one who landed the final blow and I got all the drops. This time, nothing. I just wasn't aware that mobs could take down EMC minibosses. I'll have to plan accordingly going forward.