Marlix and Momentus Suggestion

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  1. People love to critique these, I want to give some ideas.

    So, I believe that fighting these minibosses are suppose to be around the same level difficulty of fighting an Elder Guardian. This guy has guardians protecting it and they all shoot lasers. It makes some sense. He has 80 health and thorns (sometimes). Here are my ideas.

    75% less damage from ranged weapons
    120 HP (He is a giant, of course he has high health)
    Baby Zombie Protectors (5 hearts each)
    4 damage on levels 1-3 (2 hearts)
    8 damage on levels 4-6 (4 hearts)
    12 damage on levels 7-10 (6 hearts)

    75% less damage from melee weapons
    30 hp (Sniper battle, he's a smaller target, and he is made of bones)
    Flying Skeleton Protectors (5 health each; they fly similar to the Marlix (only makes sense) and they shoot you (Also slowly))
    Slower firing speed (Once every 5 seconds(He needs to aim while he rides sporadically on a bat))
    5 damage on levels 1-3 (2 1/2 hearts)
    10 damage on levels 4-6 (5 hearts)
    15 damage on levels 7-10 (7 1/2 hearts)

    Also, I think the Protectors should spawn in 5 waves, whenever the miniboss loses 1/5 of their health.
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  2. I like the wave idea, though I don't really like the idea of having marlix guardians fly as the marlix does.

    Also, not sure about the infection idea. No zombies give infections when you get attacked by them, and the Momentus just kicks you for the mostpart, lol. Not really any transfers of infection there.

    If an "infection" effect was given, it should have a chance to be given at one time in the battle. And even then, a low chance of it happening. I'dkind of hope for some kind of very slow whither effect. It'd make your health difficult to tell. Knowingredients how much health you have to risk is of massive importance when doing a melee battle. That'd make it a very interesting fight, as opposed to just spam punching, like how all melee is in MC
  3. I likes all these ideas +1
  4. No normal zombies give infections. A giant zombie, perhaps named Momentus, could.
  5. Wait, you want to make Marlix harder?
  6. I like all the Momentus ideas. I'm not too sure about Marlix......I do like the idea of slower aim and that the guardians can get killed in 1-2 hits, but I don't want them flying around and I don't really care for the waves....Overall, good ideas though :)
  7. For Marlix guardians, I think 2 of any hit should kill them. Even the punch, as it is "mightier than the sword." :p
  8. That's a pen. :confused:
  9. Have you seen the Little Mac release for SSB4 trailer?
  10. Bump, changed minor stuff and added a bit of info
  11. +1 I just got into a marlix battle that took me around an hour on diff 7, so definitely agree with this :)
  12. Marlix should be possible solo w/ only 100 vote streak stuff, and if one dies a lot, Marlix shouldn't heal all of his HP. I think that if someone survives for some time, then dies, he heals a good amount of HP, like 75% of missing HP. If someone is dying a lot, he should only heal 5%. What I'm saying is that Marlix heals more if the player survives longer, then dies. Mabye for momentus, too.
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