Margaritte & Korgoroth : S-MART on SMP5 - 10199

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    We are pleased to announce that a joint venture between Margaritte and Korgoroth is under way on SMP5

    A simple but effective consumer retail experience dedicated to bringing you the best in quality, we keep our stock line simple to make it easier for you to find what you need

    We also have a floor set aside for Mob Arena Supplies, meaning you can get what you need to win, or if you're just in for the fun, a simple set of armour and weapons

    We'e now pleased to announce the introduction of a Villager Trade Centre with over 40 Villagers waiting to trade with you!


    We also have a Shopping Trolley which is a great way to browse the store and make your purchases!



    Blue - Wool
    White - Wood & Planks
    Green - Building Blocks & Nether
    Red - Mob Drops
    Yellow - Food & Mob Eggs
    Pink - Technical & Plants
    Light Blue - Mob Arena Supplies
    Orange - Ores & Minerals
    Purple - Villager Trade Centre


    We are currently looking to take in stock, so check out the store, and if feel free to sell direct to the chests.


    Shop smart - shop S-Mart!


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  2. This looks really amazing guys, nice job. I love to see people being original with their designs! :)
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  3. Very nice design and nice Ash williams "Bruce Campbell" Quote :)
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  4. Man, I can't be bothered logging in and out of my alts.


    Thanks guys, it's was all Margaritte's idea and it's mainly her baby. We just use Korg as the money man for the project.

    We wanted something that was easy to get around and kept the stock fairly simple. The most complicated stock we have is the Mob Arena stuff - everything else is pretty much standard.
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