Map showing different smp areas.

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  1. I received a map on smp8 and had hung it up in an item frame for some time, months. Just today, I noticed that the map wasn't of the usual picture, but instead showed part of the pvp arena and my other residence on smp6 in town. I haven't moved the map since placing it and tried replacing it and rebooting my computer. This change would have happened within the past few days, me just noticing today. The creator gave me another map to use at the point where the map art was created and the map still showed as smp6, however when I made a map myself, it did not. Thoughts?
  2. So you got it on smp8? And moved it to smp6?
    Only way to transfer maps is to mail it (I mail em to my alts) but even then they are not garunteed to stay as they were.
  3. No, i got it on smp8 and it stayed on smp8. I never moved it to another server, nor took it out of the item frame for that matter.
  4. Hm I'm out of ideas of why that would happen then.
    Hope someone else knows :)
  5. It's different for sure!
  6. Just curious; how did you receive this map? Or put differently: can you absolutely rule out the fact that it didn't come from another server? Reason I'm asking is you comment about receiving it: while you didn't take it elsewhere can you be sure that the person you got it from did the same?

    This is of course assuming you received it from another person ;)
  7. Not sure whats going on with the map, but I assure you its not possible smp6 data showed up on an smp8 map - they arent even on the same physical server.

    what is likely to of happened is your client received a map on smp6 with the same map id as the one on smp8, and it cached the map data, so when you switched servers, you still saw the smp6 map.
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  8. Yeah, the person I received it from made it on smp8. Thanks, Aikar, it probably is a client error. I'll see if I can find a way to fix it.
  9. This happens a lot in the flag shop. Switching servers after your game caches the image can cause them to mix up sometimes, but it's just client side. A simple re-log should fix it.
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