Man Your Battlestation!

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  1. I remember this being a thing back a couple months after I joined EMC (which was a while ago)
    But I always love seeing these kinda things.
    People! Post your battlestations

    (If you don't know what a battle station is, it is the desk and whatever you use to play Minecraft or whatever video games or stuff you do that involves the computer)

    here is mine!

    My cat was taking over my chair, as usual

    I know it is a little dirty, once I get my new motherboard, ram and CPU I am cleaning it up (if you want specs here :

    Always gotta have some Dragonball Z playing!
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  2. Haha, I'll post a picture of mine soon :)
  3. I'll post a picture of mine in 2017 (That is when i'll get my sexy battlestation). I might upload my current one...which I am borrowing :p

  4. Sounds good! Can't wait to see what everyone is working with :p
  5. Has giant setup - plays minecraft
  6. Well I play other games too :p