Mall designs needed!!

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  1. Hello EMC! I have not made a thread in a while and now i need to. So i have been planning on building a mall for a long time but I still cant seem to get a design that i like. I need some designs/ideas that are unique and not copying any other residences too much. Please start a convo with me on the forums and share your ideas/designs. If i use your design i will make sure to give credit to your design. ;) :D
  2. Bump! I need your help guys! I know you all can help me
  3. I could build it or give you full blueprints with a map download for rupees? Maybe, for a full original design and map download, 30-50k, if I build it in EMC, 80-120k
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  4. I would look at Qwerty's mall design contest, and see if there is a design you like there.
  5. On smp1 1145 have I a shop look thuis one ( and look the same price ) and you say look good I come to buld it for 10 k ( I made only with wool
  6. The blueprint only 1 k
  7. I would build out of your favourite blocks. Then advertise it on the business section.
  8. OK I do it with your favorite you pay the dimamant gold amerald glass and iron
  9. Not looking to pay really. Could you be nice and pm ne a blueprint and if i use it then we can talk about payments
  10. OK look my shop and I have a idee what I most buld
  11. Your shop is not what i am looking for...sorry
  12. You could try looking at my shop at 509 for some example, but I built that a long time ago
  13. Ill build something tommorow
  14. Ok thanks :D pm me the design
  15. have you look the shop I can made a super automatic farm:
    sugar canes
    and not automatic:
    nether wart
    mycelium (silk)
    coca beans
    you mater free
    my mater
  16. I am done...i have all my needed things. but thanks, and how old are you?
  17. Wy stell you the quest I now I have a bad english a I say 68 the Birdy of my mother
  18. Ook not 68 1968
  19. I am curious, what kind design are you after? Most malls have the sleek modern kind of design, some of them are open-air and a few are a more abstract.

    Unless you're planning on making Krysyyjane's Tardis :p
  20. I wouldn't call that a mall even, more like something Krysyy found in space and brought back to earth lol