mall at /v 13131

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  1. Hi crafter's I have re-stocled most items blocks glass etc drops etc all at /v 13131 mall smp6

    Use /vault to transport goods between servers 10r to open vault
  2. More restocking done, this time in logs and redstone section.
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  3. Expanded Redstone section lots of new item and stocked
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  4. Your malls look awesome! If you're trying to increase store traffic you might consider adding it to my site. I get 100 searches/day on average now and growing. Last Sunday I had over 800. If you have any feedback on the site it would be great to hear it as I'm trying to make it as easy to use as possible so people can quickly find places to buy and sell an item for the best deal.
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  5. Looks good but it seems I already have an account but don't remember password and I cant update my shop items.
  6. According to what I can see, you were just logged in very recently. Did you manage to sort this out?

    You can still make edits individually without an account, but yeah it will be a lot easier to use the bulk tool that's in your account.
  7. Its the auto-reader it ask's for login details and it does not accept the password I set up
  8. The auto-reader uses the EmpireMinecraft forum password. aka your password on this site. It logs into this site to get your rupee history, which is how it figures out what items you bought/sold and at what prices. The login is used only for that purpose and no passwords or account information are retained after the tool is run. If you still have concerns, you can simply use a temporary password and change it back after you run the utility.

    As a more long-term solution, you can run the transactions through an alternate account. I also recommend you support the idea in this thread as it would ultimately allow you to give access to applications like mine to only the rupee history without having to reveal any password.

    I have updated the Auto-Reader page and also expanded the error message to hopefully help clarify this confusion, as I do assume others probably have been similarly confused. I'm also adding an entry to the FAQ page.
  9. Could do with some beacons if anyone is selling pls contact me in game or via pm on the website tnx
  10. Restocked and added lots of redstone items
  11. Did you restock cobblestone and flint?

    Do you have space in your white wool chest?

    Those are the only ones that show sold out on my site. I made it really easy to relist sold out items from your account. That may also be useful to check from time to time in case anything is sold out and you didn't realize.
  12. I will check it, tnx I like that idea
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  16. Hi just to let you know I will be making some changes to my mall soon new look and layout. I will probably have to close it while work is being carried out. In the mean time it might be worth stocking up on stuff you may need.

    All being well the new layout will be much more user friendly.

    I will update more news on progress when the time comes.

    That's all for now.