Mall at 13131 Diamond's, Obsidian

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  1. Hey all how are today, good I hope.

    I was just thinking so many ppl seem to bid on stuff in the online auctions and yet my shop has so much stock :D and cheaper then most of the items I see the auction items go for so why not come and take a look around at 13131 smp6. You can use /vault to trance-fair your goods from server to server.

    In stock right now is 2 DC's of obsidian and 1 of diamond plus so much more so come on over to 13131 smp6 and check it out


    Also remember to check out my latest video of EMC into the wild
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  2. Might get some obsidian sooner or later.
  3. Is it possible to make public the price of diamonds?
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  4. diamonds 53r each and obsidian 12r each I think also all my logs are set at 120 a stack. I have a mall though so lots of items and it would be easier to visit the shop for a full list of prices.
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  5. In my opinion, just my opinion is a bit overpriced. I Would put diamonds for 50r and obsidian for 10r. But well, who am I to critizice prices? Good luck
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  6. The last DC to sell in auction went for 45k well above the 12r price, and I sell a lot of it and diamonds I buy at 50r most of the time.
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  7. I would try to sell the diamonds for 40r... but i will visit.
  8. Diamonds for 40r, I would buy all of them a million times. The set price is 52-54 rupees atm I believe.
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  9. Oh really wow. I just bought 3 stacks of diamonds for 40r not to long ago.
  10. You did well to get them at that price, as the price for diamonds seem to be going up and up, 70r each at some shops :/
    I will always try can keep my prices low,
  11. this looks shiny and cool i will come soon! :D
  12. Lots of shiny's in stock :p

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  13. silken has a wild base :O
  14. I have several :p
  15. i never even see u leave town tho :( y u no invite me lol
  16. That's why there was so much in stock...
  17. Naturally, the prices would settle about the level where everyone would
    consider whether it is better to buy the stuff (at the "B" price) or to go mine themselves.
    There would be an equilibrium between the people mining and selling
    (at "S price" = "B price" - margin) and the people buying.
    ... If there would be only a small, reasonable emission of free rupees,
    the prices would be rather stable, this would be good for everyone.