[MALL] 10747 on smp5!!!

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  1. 2013-02-05_17.58.58.png

    My shop is finally open!! (kinda XD)
    My Mall has prices that are in-between the average sell and buy price!
    Most items are not instock yet but going to be in the next few days!
    The real reason i want you to come is my Enchantment section!

    It's the biggest room and has the most stuff stocked!
    Most of the things are books but I have a few picks there too!
    If you want to buy a slot in the Enchantment room pm me!

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  2. Looks good! :)
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  3. Thanks! It means alot :D
  4. Finally Another Shop I can remember to Visit out of SMP2. I should really make a List of Available and "Alive" Shops so I don't have to be going on SMPs asking for shops and never getting answered.
  5. Thank you guys! My shop has been booming with business
  6. No one ever added yours in :p
  7. Still tons of enchanted books left!! Also, think about donating to get custom orders! But if u come to my mall and I am on and u mention your from the forums, ill let u custom order any enchant!