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  1. Hi Guys,
    Basically I've been doing this for my friends and family for quite a while now but I thought I'd do it for the EMC community too.

    I will make anyone who wants one a custom Minecraft cursor for use any time on any computer. I would especially recommend this to YouTubers who do Minecraft play throughs as it is a cool little thing to include when Playing Minecraft. Basically the cursor is of your current Minecraft skin's fist. You can upload your skin directly to this thread or I'll fetch it myself.
    These do take a while to make and I would appreciate it if people who are happy with what I've made could make a small rupee donation but you don't need too, I'm happy to do it for free. The command is /r pay _Stads_ [amount]

    Here is an example of one (it's the one I use)
    Stads' Cursor.png

    If you want one please just reply to this thread :) you can either upload a specific skin or I'll just fetch your current one myself :D
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    1. Click the link I gave you and download your cursor (make sure you know where you saved it).
    2. Go to control panel on your computer.
    3. Navigate to your mouse settings.
    4. Within the mouse setting navigate to pointers.
    5. Select normal select and click on browse.
    6. This should bring you to a folder with TONS of cursors that are pre-installed with your system.
    7. Drag the previously downloaded and saved cursor into this folder.
    8. Once it has been moved into the folder select it and click open.
    9. Repeat steps 5, 6 and 8 for as many of the different pointer configurations as you want. (Recommended Normal select, Link select and Alternate Select)
    10. Click OK and your cursor should be working :)

    As far as I know without using third party programs you cannot add custom cursors to a Mac. However I have found this little program which I think will let you set custom cursors. It may be free but that might only be for a trial. Anyways give it a try! http://unsanity.com/haxies/mightymouse/
    Make sure your parent helps you when installing this. I'm not sure whether or not it contains any VIRUSES. Make sure your Anti-VIRUS protection is on!
  3. Current Submissions & Progress

    • codygraw101 - Started
    • RainbowChin - Started
    • SpaceShuttleFan - Started
    • Xxandster700xX - Started
    • Jeanzl2000 - Not Started
    • dylan_frenette - Not Started
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  4. This sounds pretty cool. I like the idea. :)
  5. Thx want one done?
  6. Sure I guess, now how do I upload my skin on here? I have no idea how.
  7. You don't have to, he can just retrieve it himself.
  8. There's already a file on planetminecraft that has mc cursors. But it doesn't have all the items. Look up the file on pmc and then make cursors based off that, so you know what hasn't been made yet.
  9. You click on Upload file. But don't worry!
    Exactly! You want one too?
  10. I can assure you PMC doesn't already have these... Read the entire thread, it's the player's fist...
  11. Yeah, why not lol
  12. Oh ok you will just find my skin?
  13. This isint one about mc but could you get a unicorn like this one? ROBOT UNICORN!!!!!!!!.jpg
    The plain cursor=Running
    And it would be amazing if you could do these

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  14. Thats....Beautiful! :)
  15. Ikr
  16. Yes, I have a program on my computer that fetches player skins :)
  17. Well in a way I technically can... I of course wouldn't be able to use the image from that exact picture. I would have to create my own images and since you want animated cursors I'd have to adjust them for each frame. I'll give it a go but there's no guarantee I'll get them all done or that they'll look any good lol.

    Would you also like one for your minecraft skin's fist? That I can do...
  18. I'd like one, please... The sad thing is, cursors are hard-programmed on OS X. If you want cursors, you download an app with a tiny selection that you leave running. I'll use mine for my Windows partition.

    Also, my current cursor is a diamond pickaxe. :D
  19. Okay I'll add you to the list and thanks for the Mac information :D
  20. I've started making everyone's cursors :)
    Click Here to see the progress :D