[Making] Biggest SkyScraper?!

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  1. Hey,

    i was looking PMC for some while on projects and found this! http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/sky-tower-ii/ i wanna make it on SMP1 but don't have the items/rupees to buy/make it! it would help ALOT if you donate some so i could make this huge PUBLIC hotel!

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  2. Link. Also, to make it the biggest possible, you would have to dig it down to bedrock, and then up to sky level. Which wouuld be quite an undertaking.
  3. Bumper The Bump ^^:)
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  4. What happened to your lighthouse? It's only two hours and you're already moving on and asking for donations for a new project? Are you high, buddy?
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  5. Lol.

    Focus on smaller projects first. It takes weeks or months to do something like this on EMC. Typically people build in creative mode to get these done. Consider the resources you have and what you will need before you start, and you're going to need to show progress or benefits before people will donate.
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  6. Bro, 2 plots 2 projects :)
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  7. Look it's always ''Highbuddy you're a lazy boy'' ''Highbuddy you can't do anything'' ''Highbuddy go away!''
    i want some respect, i want that people like me, i want to amuse people and don't get hate comments at me! (Cry)
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  8. Well...
    Asking for donations for two projects at once isn't a good way to accomplish it. You can only work on one thing at a time, finish one and then start another.

    You want some respect? Respect is earned, not bought or sold. Finally, people will like you for who you are, not what you've built, or at least the ones that count will.

    Also, edit your post, the rules that apply to the game apply here.
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  10. OMG!!!!!!
    This thing is gonna be EPIC!!!!!
  11. Lol. You've got some epic Plans dude
  12. You're talking to me?
  13. The lol was to you.

    But the rest was th the other guy.
  14. i think i'm getting a little lol moment now... xD @Getting all the recource's
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