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    What Is It?

    This is ProStarter a company for EMC made by Nfell2009 what we do is invest in new projects across the EMC Empire to increase new things in EMC as many people cant afford to build it so thats where we come in!

    How Can I Apply?

    Click Here to go to the site and more information about applying your project is on there!


    These people help with the projects that get passed through Prostarter they get a signature made by me and a email account e.g. Nfell2009@Prostarter.UK.TC

    How Can I Help?

    Well we need a review team where I will send the projects we recive through them and if they all agree or the votes pass enough (Yes/No) then that's how our projects will be chosen for more information Click Here, you can also place a ad with us Click Here for more information about that and also sponsors where they will have ads and lots more benefits

    Any Terms And Conditions?

    There are some only so that ProStarter makes some money, we are a company that does want to help but yet profit from it, so we have thought up this that we can advertise on what you/we have built and take some money from areas of it for example a shop may contain a section with items owned by ProStarter

    Need Help?

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  2. Isn't prostarter a sock brand? Or is it starter? :confused:
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  3. starter ProStarter is new there is ProStart nothing to do with me
  4. Great Way To Start A Project!
  5. hey this is jsut what JeanZ Inc is but we only offer service to exclusive members.
  6. may i have somemore info on your company like a website? maybe we could join up :D
  7. Be careful my friend. That is all.
  8. true so we need Stalkers to stalk people that dont pay us back.
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  9. thats my only worry
  10. Well, for one, your site is a known malicous sight, acourding to my anti virus. Secoundly, alot of people just donate normally. They want donations to get something themselves, not to have to give it to someone else in the first place.
  11. what anti virus?
  12. I'm soon going to make a brand new shop, I could use some extra money to help start it.
    If you donate/invest me then I'll pay you the same amount of money, doubled, once the shop is up and running.

    Nice idea for a company btw!
    Glad I could make the logo :D
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  13. thats odd there is no downloads/content on there to give a virus
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  14. Is someones else hosting it?
  15. My antivirus said nothing, and nothing happened to my PC when I opened it.

    ALL antiviruses sometimes give false alarms.

  16. webs is and then its redirected by smartdots but norton is known for being over protective and reports everything as a virus when i had it that kept happening i use microsoft secuirty essentials
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  17. plz apply on the site click here
    or do a PM to me
  18. Applied :D