make admin shop buy your items

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  1. hello i would like to put forth my idea of having the admin shop buy your items this would be usefull for players with lots of things but few rupees like myself

    also i would like for the admin shop to have the prices toned down a little
  2. They have a shop /shop and you got to find a shop to sell to or make your own. hard work will do wonders
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  3. yes but it would be more convenient because at least in smp8 almost no one buys as well as sells
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  4. The town shop never runs out.
  5. This has been suggested before, and rejected. The economy would crash if we did this. If you can afford the 20r for vault fees, take your stuff to 1783 on SMP1. :)
  6. I think its a good idea
  7. Yep jumping to different Smps helps out a lot :)
  8. yes but it would give you money by selling things to it
  9. MAY I PRESENT TO YOU... D1223m on SMP3.
  10. how would it crash they wouldnt offer astronomical amounts of money the econemy would be fine it would just be a little easier to get rupees
  11. Then it would give players a source of unlimited rupees and then after few weeks the value of R would drop dramically
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  12. but it would be more conveniant in the admin shop are any of you understanding me!!!
  13. also it would raise the price of many items by the rupee becoming easier and easier to obtain the value drop's so the diamonds everyone loves would go from 40r to who knows how much it is just a bad decision to make the admin shop buy items
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  14. the people would still have to go and get the materials to sell im not asking for 100r for a stack of dirt small amounts that something to clean out your inventory and still make a LITTLE amount of money
  15. It would ruin the economy since people can generate infinite amounts of resources and then essentially convert them into rupees. By prohibiting this direct conversion, we are preserving the value of exchange between the players.
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  16. if your looking to make money then sell to player shops or open your own many player's run their own shops to make money
  17. Yep most of items sold would become dead items just staying in the chest, it's all about supply and demand and what is a "need" and what is a "want" :)
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  18. well they wou
    ld have earned a as i said before small amount of r for their hard work a small amount to make the 10 stacks of cobble you get after mining worth a little bit more
  19. ive only once run into a player shop that buys as well as sells and now i cant remember the guys name i also do run my own shop its not a surefire way to make money
  20. i didn't understand what you typed