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  1. Hey EMC,

    I have had many friends come up to me and ask for this thread, the ones who have left and came back, and i am unable to find it. So first person to post the thread of ICC getting Demoted, the Official one, by cant remember who it was, think Aikar, will get 5k Free, and an extra 5k if it is within 10 mins of this post.....
  2. I think it was deleted for causing too much drama then replaced by a tamer one, and I believe that one was also deleted?
  3. that's what i was thinking, as i cant find it, :p
  4. It no longer exists. I know it was by Aikar on April 6th, but it's just not there.
  5. That sounds about right to me. There was a huge commotion when ICC was demoted. People weren't happy and were saying not-so-nice things.
  6. I distinctly remember IcecreamCow posting something along the lines of "Please don't start this [the name of his server, that I shall not say] Movement stuff" and if you go back on his profile, you can see him posting about a Death Event he was to be hosting and then a few posts later talking about how he was let go. I'm positive everything in between was deleted.

    I don't necessarily think it had to be deleted, as there's plenty of times the community has become upset (and sometimes harshly), and yet those topics got to stay and you can find plenty of instances where people took a situation way too far; some of which are very recent. But it's in the past anyways now and people have mostly gotten over it, so it will be forever gone.
  7. How long ago has it been? Some say it happened in 2013, I'm not sure who's right or what to think.
  8. April 5th, 2014. The messages on ICC's profile from that time confirm it.

    EDIT: April 5th, not 6th.
  9. First few days of April 2014.
  10. Maybe there is a cache of it? xD I wouldn't know... I am sure someone can dig something up if they REALLY wanted to.
  11. I don't think anyone took an archive, and if they did you'd need the ID.
  12. You wanted the thread, well I got it down to 5 links (and 2 possibles)

    From the end of April 3rd, to beginning of April 5th - These are the threads you "Can't view" After this thread After this thread After this thread

    The comments in the threads after this are still 'calm' Most likely this thread Could be this thread, also, but most likely before.
  13. I'm guessing it's 37961 given the time frame. Also - how did you know that the comments in #3 were still calm?
  14. I read all the threads that were made 'after' it... Smooch and ICC commented in a few of the threads, and everything seemed 'calm' ...aka they hadn't read the Staff Demotion thread yet.
  15. Ah okay. It looks like none were archived as they weren't online long enough to even have a chance and nobody archived it manually (speaking about WebArchive, possible that someone might have a personal archive).
  16. The thread in question was removed. We've gone over why before and there is no need to bring up what was said back then by people when they were clearly upset. Thread locked.
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