Make 1-2$ a Day! For afking!

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    1. 1. Register here: [link removed]

    2. 2. Register here: [link removed]

    3. 3. On Cashfly, shorten the link:

    4. 4. Copy the shortened link.

    5. 5. Go to: [link removed]

    6. 6. Click my websites.

    7. 7. Click submit a new website.

    8. 8. Paste the website and click add.

    9. 9. Wait for it to be accepted (The cashfly links always are).

    10. 10. After it is, go back to your sites and click boost until all of your website slots are full.

    11. 11. Download the program at: [link removed]

    12. 12. Run it, login, and click start

    13. 13. Wait for you to get impressions on cashfly.

    14. 14. Cashout
    Let me know if you need help! Proof:
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  1. hmmm.........

    has this worked for you?
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  2. Yes
  3. how much have you made?
  4. Do you pay real money?
  5. Just Downloading The Program Now... Hope This Works... Or... Else...
  6. Yes, this is legit money!
    It does!
  7. it gives me a really dumb error when I try to install the software
  8. What is that error? Also what OS you on?
  9. you can tell what OS I have in this image.
  10. Umm, make a folder on your desktop for it to install to maybe that will work.
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  11. It looks like your clicks are going to be coming from the people signing up for this and clicking on your links, Ted. Is that correct? If so it seems rather... pyramidish.
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  12. it doesn't work
  13. Closed until admin approves. Please message Krysyy/Max.
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