Major Griefing Alert!

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  1. I am unsure as to whether any other places in the Frontier has been hit but me and my friend have a medieval town we've been making for the past year tucked a little away's from the safe zone in the West of the Frontier. We've had some people come along and break windows and what not nothing too big. but within the last week or two someone, or multiple people came threw the West of the Frontier and griefed big time! We weren't the only ones to of been hit by it either. On my way to our town any other places along the way have been hit horribly as well. Anyone around the North, North West area up to our town at least has been attacked by the griefers. It looks as if someone took dynamite to most of the places and blew up pretty much everything. Surprisingly the only thing left in our town that was left standing was our horse stables. But everything else has been destroyed. All my farm animals and pets are gone except the horses. I hope not everyone who has places in the Frontier has been hit like my friend and I along with many other players in the West. I just wanted to let everyone know that there is someone or multiple people that have griefed a big amount of the West side of the Frontier and some of you might wanna check your places in other parts of the Frontier as well.
  2. Hmm, it be best to message a staff member about this but thanks for the warning! Question which smp?
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  3. u should msg staff, but pls also tell us (GRIP) about it. we can refund many of ur items if u need it. pls see this link:

    but be sure to tell staff first so that they can catch those griefers!

    ic u online, imma heading over!
  4. Yes I did. Tho only one of them. I guess I wasn't really thinking when I sent it to just one admin. As for the server its SMP4 tho who knows if they attacked any of the other server Frontiers.
  5. Just an extra comment: a good thing to do first is using the /staff command. That will show you online staff and those are usually best to try and contact first. This will also make sure that they can check out the area as soon as possible (then they may be able to identify the griefers). Alas; seems Aya got that covered for you.

    And definitely make sure to contact us (GRIP) if you're in need of anything. We can refund a lot.
  6. Yeah thanks for the info ShelLuser. Tho by the time I saw everything I saw no one near the area. It must of been during the couple days I hadn't been online much.
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