Major BungeeCord Update! 10/20/14

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  1. Another round of "Improving the Quality of the Empire" again tonight!
    Another thing thats been on my todo list for a long time crossed off!

    We have updated BungeeCord, the special software that lets us connect through a single address and then switch between the servers, and made use of more of the modern Minecraft features, and some 1.8 features!

    First off, for 1.8 clients, a snazzy tablist header and footer!

    We now have the ability to update this text without a server restart, and use multiple lines!
    We can now use that to also display important information along side announcements, to help ensure its seen. (Voting reminders aren't there... but dynamically putting it there too would be nice to do. )

    I have plans to really make use of this feature, doing things such as printing rupee and token balance, mail count, etc!

    I didn't want to delay these updates past tonight so I restrained myself from doing EVERYTHING I wanted to.

    This header and footer will also stick on the client when they switch to other non EMC servers if that server doesn't set their own header/footer, so, its a nice reminder "Get back to EMC!" :)

    Then next up is the server list!

    2 Features here! Dynamic MOTD for the servers! We can now control the MOTD's and set up a list of random ones to use. First line is still static for now, but it can change too :)
    And as you can see, we can even guess at the player who is viewing and use your name in the message :D It doesn't say Aikar for everyone!

    Will do another update soon to give us control over messaging to players who haven't been on EMC in a while too, so we can message them specially.

    Then next up, hovering over the player count lets us write yet another section of text! It now gives a small description of EMC with some links.

    Again, this is configurable by us without a restart! I really went ahead and made sure we can fully utilize these features to spread information and get that information up and to our users ASAP!

    Other changes happened under the hood too! We've had numerous issues where players are sent to the wrong server on connect when ever we switched the instances around like on Saturday.

    The code that handles "Last Server you were on" has been replaced with our own system using the EMC Database that was already tracking your last server. So Reconnecting will now be extremely reliable to send you to the correct server.

    Using direct addresses like will still work just the same.

    I've also done some preperations to ensure BungeeCord is fully ready for us to be redundant in the case of an emergency such as a DDOS Attack.

    We're now ready to run the Proxy from any server we need , so that we can jump IP's and be running if the server is ever down or attacked.

    And unrelated to the BungeeCord, the tutorial now has a Momentus, the SMP3 sign at start is fixed, and fixed a bug with guests and chatting.

    I regave them back Town chat, but I may take that back away. Please PM me if spam from guest is an issue.

    Time to sleep now!
  2. Great job!
  3. Nice Aikar, good to see the empire getting upgraded :)
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  4. Some of those server messages remind me of this over server.... hmmm xD
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  5. Erm, kind of confused what other server lol. Empire Strikes back is clearly a play on our server name + my geekyness :p

    And I have 2 other servers on my server list, HP and SB, neither of them have anything like the ones I put up :p
  6. nvmmmmmm xD
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  7. Great stuff Aikar! :)
  8. Awesome update Aikar! Keep up the good work as always :)
  9. Great Job Aikar, doing great stuff as always :)
  10. Nice work and I did notice my game name being welcomed earlier