[MAINTENENCE] Database Migration [COMPLETE]

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  1. * This is done *
    Heads up everyone. All EMC servers will go down at 1AM EST tonight for planned database migration.
    The server the EMC database has lived on all this time has really not been properly built, and therefor will be migrated tonight to better hardware that is more appropriate for its usage (Right now we are only using like 3-5% of the server, AND the processor is slower than what we are moving it to!)

    So, to keep things running smooth, everything will be migrated tonight. Downtime could be up to an hour, but it is unknown.


    *Note: if you vote during the downtime you will not receive credit for it.
  2. Thanks for letting us know. :)
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  3. Will this reduce lag? ( Probably a dumb question )
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  4. yes it will help, but it likely wont make a huge difference.
  5. How are you guys able to reduce the lag? Maybe upgrade the servers?
  6. Is it just a migration of the database, or will there be extra upgrades to the database structure itself?
  7. I saw MA and I was like HOLY FADOODLE CAKES MOB ARENA IS BACK OH YES! I regard that statement as of now..
  8. Sweet stuff. :D
  9. *watch deathtomb's come out also*
  10. Thanks for the Info, I will be going to bed at 2am so i dont have to worry. Also will this Increase the Spawn Rate, coz i remember about more than a year ago the server got DDOS and the spawn rate has not been the same ever since,

  11. I'm not sure if the database will help with spawn rates myself
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  12. The servers are superb, there would be barely a difference if they were upgraded.
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  13. The servers were upgraded not long ago :p And they were amazing servers before the upgrade :p
  14. No more lag! :D. I think......
  15. deathtomb's? :p

    Coolio. Moar storage for my rupees! (Of course.. I don't have that much rupees. :( )
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  16. I'm going to move the maint a little closer to 1AM... so that incase something does go wrong, i'm not dead tired and unable to focus to fix it.
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  17. maint has started.
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