Maintaining Optimism/Positivity (Byeforever's Public Blogging 5)

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  1. Hello EMC!
    Right at this moment of typing this post, my optimism has risen drastically! I'm in a great mood and motivated to tell all of you about how this has occurred for me! Maybe, you'll benefit too!

    My Optimism Story
    Today, another Minecraft snapshot has been released, but with surprises! I know SkyDragon has already done a thread about this, but when I first saw Docm77's video about it I felt parsley mind-blown despite the fact the sources of some of the additions were easily identified for me. BDoubleO immediately thought there should be red sandstone when he first acquired red sand in game, and Xisuma thought of the idea of stained glass manipulating a beacon beam's color while recording a myth bustling episode.
    The pleasure I had from this Minecraft news didn't last long though, but it did add-onto me playing Mario Kart 8 shortly afterwards. Since then, I have this optimism and not too much anxiety that's causing my brain to feel more sharpened in activity and not in preserveation.
    Now, everything I explained happened only today. I had this experience several times before; probability the most frequent cause of it was from playing Super Mario Galaxy. In fact, this may also explain why the Nintendo Wii was my favorite gaming console during its lifetime! Now its greatness is starting to carry over to its successor, Wii U. However, it's a matter of time if it continues.

    If you have read the section above, you may be wondering how to replicate positive life experiences like what I have described. I think the main goal is to understand the amount of activity in a situation, and achieve a balance. What's too much, and what's too little?

    Any activity we do can be peaceful, violent, or somewhere in-between. Peaceful activities can be calming, but too much can cause boredom and even, depression. Violence is the opposite. A lot of action can occur in a violent situation. Too much can make one overwhelmed.
    Peace and violence can cancel out each other, but sometimes one will override its opposite. If you find yourself in too much of an unbalance, try doing something else.

    At this point at my conclusion, my optimism isn't as strong as before, but I can restore it. Don't forget that you can reacquire your own positivity too!
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  2. Wow, thanks. I was doing this already, and from my own experiences I can say that it can really help.
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  3. Inspiring words, thanks for writing them!
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  4. I wouldn't say that the Wii and the Wii U are great consoles, but they certainly do have some good games on them. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and the Mario Kart games that were released for the platform are just a few I can name off the top off my head. I could name Metroid: Other M, but that was a bad game :p One of my only problems with the Wii is that it doesn't receive very much input from publishers/developers outside of Nintendo.

    Anyway, on topic;
    So murdering droids on Star Wars: Battlefront II, killing Roy Phillips and his gang in Fallout 3 to save the residents of Tenpenny Tower (even though I hate the bigoted gits), and breaking into Robert House's life support chamber and exposing him to air he hasn't breathed in over 200 years and proceeding to shoot him to death with a shotgun while he's a withering old man strapped into a chair thingy in Fallout: New Vegas is making me unbalanced? Awww :c

    In all seriousness; this was a nice read and your words were, in a way, inspiring to me :3 Keep doing these please. I like them :p