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  1. As some of you may have noticed, FixedReflexes has recently been posting several auctions for double chests of various valuable items. Having been helping him throughout this process, I have noticed that he is able to collect the resources for these auctions in very short amounts of time, so we have now decided to turn this skill of his into an official "service".

    The way this will work is that every Sunday, Fixed will post an auction for the valuable item of choice voted on by the community in the previous week's auction. The auctions, along with the polls, will end one week from their time of posting. Once Fixed gets word of the winning choice, he will be allowed to immediately start working on collecting the items to be auctioned off. During the collection weeks, Fixed will be posting a status update every so often to show his progress, which will also allow time for the previous auction to be closed and the items be picked up by its winner. In addition to his status updates, I will also be letting you guys know about any news such as special DC of the Week events like Multi-DC auctions, giveaways, when a new auction is posted, etc. One final thing we will be doing to set these apart from any normal auction is that after every 5 auctions, we will host a giveaway, also for an item of the community's choice!

    Current Auction:

    Countdown to next auction:

    Updates/Changes-Updated 4/26/13:
    • In order to benefit the community even more, we have decided that if Fixed does not complete the DC for the week in time, that DC will be given away to the community once it is completed. This way there isn't just a delay with no apology of any sort :)
    • In order to better favor the bidders' schedules, we are going to adjust the ending time of the auction to 24 hours after the final valid bid, OR one week after posting, whichever comes first. For example, if someone bids on the first day and 24 hours passes with no other bids, that bidder wins, but if somebody posts 5 minutes before the one-week ending, the auction will still end in 5 minutes.
    • To provide more of a flow in the auction seasons and to actually implement the multi-DC auctions, we will now be doing 2 DC auctions for the second and fourth auctions in a season, and a 3 DC for the third auction. (First and last are still single DC)
  2. Going off of the giveaway's poll results, the time has come for FixedReflexes to begin progress on the very first Double Chest of the Week-Emeralds! Like I said in the main post, he has until midnight on Sunday (April 7th) to collect the emeralds, and then the auction will start later that day. He should be posting status updates every day or so on here to keep you guys posted. On a side note, thanks for all of the participation with the giveaway! :)

    Poll Results.JPG
  3. Here's a status update. (I usually do most of my work on the weekends, and I was busy yesterday, in case you were wondering why there isn't much. :p) Emeralds.png
  4. 5 1/2 stacks?! :p
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  5. Here's today's progress: Emeralds Day 2.png
    Again, I do most of my work on weekends, so don't worry about there not being much. ;)
  6. Almost done! :D Emeralds!.png
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  7. The first auction has finished, and having learned from it, we have decided to make a minor revision to how they work. Check the OP for the update. :) In other news, with the results from this previous auction, the time has now begun for Fixed to start work on the Double Chest of Obsidian to be auctioned on the 21st. As usual, he will be posting a status update every few days. Emerald Results.JPG
  8. Here's another update! A few days ago I was figuring out exactly how we're going to work in the multi-DC auctions, so I decided to make the central auction of each season the "climax", where we would auction three double chests of an item. And sense there is rising action before the climax, this then lead me to decide that the auctions between the first, middle, and last auctions would be of two double chests. In case that didn't make any sense, here's this:

    Auction Schedule:
    Week 1: Auction for 1 double chest
    Week 2: Auction for 2 double chests
    Week 3: Auction for 3 double chests
    Week 4: Auction for 2 double chests
    Week 5: Auction for 1 double chest
    Transition: Giveaway for 3 double chests
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  9. This seasons second auction has now officially finished, and the time has come for Fixed to begin work on the 3 double chests of leather for next week! (I'll make sure he stays on top of posting an update or two this week. ;)) Obsidian Auction.JPG
  10. Here's an update, while Fixed is busy working away with the cows: 2013-05-03_20.17.47.png
    As usual, it doesn't look like much. But don't worry, we'll get it done, so don't start counting on a giveaway just yet. ;) (Both him and I are working on it, and we have several farms going.)
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  11. For most mob drop things, I can donate looting swords.
  12. Here comes another update. After a full day of work from both of us, we just have a little bit left until we're done! :D (The other 2 DCs are full) 2013-05-04_20.41.37.png
  13. With the results from the latest auction in, it has been decided that Fixed and I can now begin work on 2 DCs of Raw Fish!
    Leather Results.JPG
  14. As you might have already noticed, the auction for the two double chests of fish is not yet up. This is because yesterday I was, coincidentally, fishing IRL, and I spent most of Friday preparing for the trip. Because of this, we plan to get the fish ready and post the auction by sometime tomorrow. (We aren't going with the giveaway rule this time because us not finishing was due to a surprise event to me.) I hope you guys can understand, thanks. :)
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  15. So you plan to get 2DC of fish in one day? lmao.
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  16. Yes, yes we do. :cool: (AKA: We're screwed)
  17. So.... you'll be giving away 2DC of raw fish I hear.... >: D
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  18. As much as I hate to say it, yes, that is true. I'll post on here once I finally have it ready.
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  19. Yea!