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do you think this should be added?

yes 52 vote(s) 85.2%
No 9 vote(s) 14.8%
  1. If I were to ask Icc, or any other admin to modify the plug-ins EMC has, so you could type "/res mailbox" on your residence and the open a chest, it would make the chest a mailbox. How this mailbox would work is anyone could open, and put things into itm, but nobody except the res owner could take out of it. This could be used in a store item donation proccess, or to mail item's, or to just give and get book meesages in 1.3 please comment what you think about it and vote
  2. meh, I think it should be done
  3. You're Not an idiot. Just Don't feed the trolls.
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  4. Good idea anyways! :D
  5. thank's, but that means I cant feed my brother, he's a troll
  6. don't let trolls have chances to do that stuff just put yes no and i don't care in polls

    i hope icc sees this
  7. Awesome idea. You should PM ICC with it.
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  8. mm he usually never replies when I do send pm's to him, of course no offense ICC
  9. Just take into account that ICC is a very busy cow.

    And back on topic, that is a good idea. I'm just not sure how hard it would be to code.
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  10. I dont think it would be that hard, in fact that we can actually do /vault and a cross-chest/vault opens automagically for 10 rupees so yeah...
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  11. This is a great idea. I hope to see something like this in the near future.
  12. I like the idea, and I voted it up. But you should have to pay a monthly fee (in rupees) if you wished to have one, just like the vault. You could mail to other servers with something like "/mail Hash98 smp1 Bob smp7 . Then it charges you 5r like stamps or the vault.
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  13. Nice idea except it should be 10r to mail cross-server to prevent people from mailing something to an alt account to save money instead of using vault.
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  14. Yah, I guess that should be 10r.
  15. how about you pay 5r and if the resepant takes it they pay 5r
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  16. hmm well I think it should be 10r
  17. so, im coming to see this needs more people voting, and commenting :L
  18. But what's to stop someone from sending a bunch of spam mail, like dirt?
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  19. true but maybe it could be so you aren't able to send pointless items, like dirt