Lucy the Devil Chicken

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  1. Once upon a time, Jay2a was at his gold farm, when a baby pigman riding a chicken appeared. Jay attempted to kill the pigman and his chicken, but the chicken had other plans...

    This is Lucy.

    She's my pet chicken.

    I don't know what's wrong with her. She's red and shaky and she won't stand upright. I think she's been possessed.

    Lucy came from the nether. These are her pigman friends.

    (Hello, pig friends)

    Lucy enjoys the view of the desert hills beyond the gold farm.

    Jay wanted to test if Lucy was actually invincible.

    That theory was proven wrong.

    I have no idea why I did this. The chicken that came from a chicken jockey glitched and didn't die, but I thought it was cool so I took screenshots of it. I tried to get a video of Lucy, but my recording software didn't like her so much.

  2. Aww poor lucy.. I feel the urge to make a Beatles pun :p

    This is good stuff right here :D thanks for sharing!
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