Luckypat's Repairing Services.

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  1. Hey EMC :)
    I will be offering a service that repairs any tools or armor!

    Level 29 and under - 400
    Level 30 to 38 - 550
    Level 39 - 650

    You have the option for me to pick them up at your resident, or items mailed to me.
    Either a post in the comments, a message in-game, or a pm would be great!
    Thanks all! :)
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  4. How much for 3 full sets of prot IV Unbreaking 3 God sets? They also have Feather falling IV
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  5. I would need to see how many levels and diamonds they require :)
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  6. Diamonds? Don't you supply them? Also when I repair them it is usually lvl 20-30
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  7. It should be 400-550, not including diamonds. And no, I do not supply, but I could. :)
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  9. I think supplying the materials is a good deal then, because the levels of exp and the anvils don't really matter. :p at least for me.
  10. Please fix my sword call the BEAST smp4 res# 8490 it need 40 lvls
  11. I got 6 things repaired in like 10 minutes today. Great service!
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  12. I will when I have some time today :)
  13. I sent the 2 swords that i want combined in a anvi for you in the mail. res 8490 when done please do it as soon a possible
  14. This thread hasn't been used in a while, but it's in your signature so...

    I need tons of things repaired, all Level 39's. Is there any place I could drop them off?
  15. Sure! Due to the fact of school work, I am not as active as I would like to be... Do you need the items by a specific day? Will you supply diamonds? (If not I charge 70 per) I have set up a chest on res 742 SMP1. I will calculate the total and tell you :)
  16. Done :) Thank you for your buisness!
  17. Thank you :)
    Picked up, I'll be using this again sometime ;)
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  18. Going to bump this thread. :)