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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by colepuncher, Sep 22, 2014.

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  1. Hello EMC,

    I think we should lower the prices at EMC shop.

    I mean "64 Torch for 263 rupees."
    Seriously SUCH A RIPOFF!
    I would sell them for , Eh 35 rupees.
    Well Maxarias should take this situation because its her kind of "residence"
    Well Mods,Communitymanagers,Developers and aikar look at this post and reply please

  2. No. The prices there are to put a cap on the economy, they're not supposed to be reasonable, they're supposed to be unreasonable so players want to undercut it.
  3. The reason the EMC shop exists is to keep prices of items from going too high instead of being an actual shop.

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  4. the prices are fine i buy there all the time ;) LOL jk

    but yeah, the prices should remain the same.
  5. The prices at the EMC shop are supposed to be that high. To quote some of the Staff: "The Empire Shop is there to sell supplies to people who need it"
    The prices are that high for a reason.
  6. You're not meant to actually buy a lot of things from the EMC shop. They prices are that high so that player shops are able to get customers, and so that they aren't overpriced. The prices will most likely not be changed, as they are that expensive for a reason.
  7. there right the emc shop is supposed to be a last ditch i really need to buy this but gonna cost me a arm an leg for not shopping around.
  8. As people have said in every other thread like this. The prices are high to serve as a cap for shop prices so that we aren't paying 6000 rupees for a block of dirt. It's also there to server as a rupee sink to continuously change the number of rupees in circulation.
  9. *reads the title.
    *Raises the prices
  10. Even though the Empire Shop is more expensive than most player shops, it still gets business every day.
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  11. The only suggestion I would have is to include a notice in Shops message. Perhaps, "Welcome to the Shop where you can buy almost anything!" (yeah, except for 1.7 items that came out last year) should include "Warning: Shop prices are set high to cap the economy. Most items are available for less at player shops. Try /v +shop a few times first!"
  12. that's in the new tutorial

    EDIT: removed new tutorial picture
  13. Nope. They are high for a reason. There are plenty of other malls around to buy your torches from.
  14. They are high is that players will make shops. If the prices were good then there wouldn't be any player shops
  15. [information that has already been posted]
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  16. I thought we already had message about player shops being cheaper heh.

    But, were actually more leaning to raise some prices, not lower.

    The economy itself is on an inflation path to help 'balance' things better, and some items like Diamonds actually need to be raised.

    Sure the scale on many items is not reasonable, such as torches, but as said, its meant to be a last resort 'i have money, i need item now, and dont want to hunt for it' effort.
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  17. ...I really want this thread locked
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