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  1. For you who haven't heard my word,
    Now you will feel quite absurd.
    The residence number is 10314,
    Basic colours- we have more!
    100r for each banner,
    Long as you behave in some manner.
    With each purchase comes a treat,
    But not something you can eat.
    It will help you to enchant,
    Many can use it- even your aunt!
    I'm talking about enchantment books.
    These cannot be read in tiny nooks.
    But as long as you buy a banner,
    And behave in appropriate manner,
    This you will be eligible for,
    And many players shall knock at your door.

    But, everyone, you better be quick!
    This offer will no longer be valid once the new year comes in a flick!

    (And yes we do bulk)
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  2. I got one of these awesome banners.
  3. lol I like the and yes we do bulk at the end
  4. Trying to do a bump,
    But my head I shall thump.
  5. Dats cool!
  6. Bumping with a rhyme...I Bow before you
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  7. Ill be on to buy one as soon as I can :)
  8. This offer, now valid 'til the 31st
    Shall prevent people fearing the worst.
    And, when the new year does arrive,
    The new banner will make everyone feel alive.
    Goodbye to Star Wars banners, however good,
    And welcome 'Sunset Mountain' to the neighborhood!

    Bulk will be available on this banner too,
    So while you're at it, why not get a few?