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  1. Hi guys, Lottie1664 here.

    Recently, I was playing on smp5, when someone swore. Now, at the time, my mum was watching me play MC. The one time, I tell you.

    I believe that everyday, more and more people find out about EMC. That's great! But, I think that many of these people just skim through the rules in the tutorial. I still remember about reading that EMC is a family friendly server, and does not permit swearing or something along those lines.

    Please remember the rules!

    Lottie1664 out!
  2. Lol, i saw that. I totally agree, people need to stick to the rules! Thank you for making this thread lottie :D
    EDIT: Also everyones opinion matters
  3. Caps are censeroed why aren't swear words?
  4. ikr
  5. I joined the server long before it wasn't required to know the rules to play. Then, there was a really tough maze you had to get through that made sure you knew every rule of the Empire. The maze had long tunnels that took a while to get through, so if you didn't know if you got the question right, you wouldn't figure out for a while. If you just guessed each passage, it could take hours to make it through. Also, there were a lot fewer rule breakers. It was mainly those who were having a bad day or got hacked, or just started having problems.
  6. Mild swear words are okay, and are not censored. Very bad words, however, are.

    To OP: It really depends what word it is. From the rules:
    9 Kepp Chat Family Friendly.PNG

    If it's mild, it's fine. If it gets out of hand and is overused, it's not.
  7. To the OP. If you feel the rules were violated please use the /report feature. There are staff online that are here to help. I hope your mom lets you keep playing with EMC it's the only server I have played on because it's amazing.

  8. Hi fans! I really, REALLY did not think that within 1 or 2 days of a post being up, I would have comments! New Lottie1664 record!

    As always, spread the thread!
    Ooh, I might use that more often :D

    Lottie1664 out!
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  9. I wasn't going to comment but meh, I will...

    No Lottie, as others mentioned above, your opinion does matter. And I'm happy you posted this because it just as well could help players understand that there are consequences to their actions. Sometimes it may not be very obvious but most of the times it is; like what you showed here. And I couldn't agree more. Play by the rules, keep the town chat friendly (if you want to go rogue then use /ch g (group chat) or @player (private chat)) and don't bother other players.

    So yah, I really hope that you got your mother to understand that this was a freak incident and is not something which EMC condones.
  10. For whatever reason, the word 'shit' is allowed to be said. Did the person happen to say that? If not, you can report them, assuming that the staff haven't took action yet :rolleyes:
    You can still do that? I was under the impression that that was now disallowed...
  11. It is allowed but only if applied moderately. So people who keep on swearing (IMO that's what it is) are most likely to find themselves into trouble eventually.

    [about group chat & private chat]
    Not sure what you're getting at. But when it comes to group & private chat you're pretty much free to talk amongst yourselves as long as all chat members are on the same level. So if you start using "(im)mature" talk and someone in the group is offended by it then they can /report you to get staff to look into this.
  12. 2 things.
    1. They didnt say 'shit'
    2. They are mine and lottie's friend so we don't want them banned AGAIN