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  1. Tickets are sold at 1901 on SMP1. Please read all the signs! I have had this Lottery apporved by Tikiman678. A screenshot of the name selector I use to pick winner will be posted at the time of the drawing. Here are the details/rules
    1. The pot is 40,500r
    2. 90% of the profit goes to the pot
    3. The winners will be picked by http://www.classtools.net/education-games-php/fruit_machine (Random.org is down)
    4. You are NOT garunteed to win
    5. I will enter the names into the selector based off of my rupee log. Say you buy 10 tickets, i will enter your name 10x
    6. There are 450 tickets available at 100r a ticket
    7. Drawing will take place when and ONLY whn all tickets are sold
    8. Do NOT pay me using /r pay, you MUST go to 1901 to purchase the tickets
    9. Do NOT harass me if you do not win, this is a lottery (gamble)
    That's it guys. Res 1901 on SMP1 :)
  2. How much are the tickets?
  3. 100r a ticket :)
  4. Looks awesome! good luck to all!
  5. Lotteries are not allowed on the forums. I think Tikiman678 approved for you to have it on your res. There was a thread a lot like this one a few days ago: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/win-100k.26004/#post-497864 It was closed by IcecreamCow because, as stated above, lotteries are not to be done on the forums.
  6. He's not doing one on the forums, he's simply advertising that it's on his res.
  7. You are correct. I have read it. I'm not selling tickets ect off of the forums, just telling you about it.
  8. I bought one ticket, just to let you know but how do you know if someones bough a ticket? rupees history?
  9. Yep :p

    Edit: Nice, 450 tickets - Pot 40,500r 100r tickets. All adds up with you earning some rupees
  10. that's how lotteries work :)
  11. Get tickets before they run out :D
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