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What should the next lottery be?

100k 12 vote(s) 60.0%
0 8 vote(s) 40.0%
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  1. Have you ever wanted to be rich? Well now you can! All you have to do is to go to 934 on smp1 and buy a lottery ticket! Full rules and terms apply at the res, GOOD LUCK!

    Dont look at the poll.. I missclicked. 0 = 300k
  2. I always thought that a lottery works by when one person buys a ticket, the money from that ticket is added to the total prize money before the winner is announced. :confused: Maybe I am incorrect but, this would be a raffle.
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  3. Fixed. :)
  4. How will the drawing happen?
  5. Seems legit
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  6. All info at 934! Not a raffle!
  7. How much do lottery tickets cost and when will the winner be chosen?
  8. all at the res :)
  9. ... So how will the drawing happen? A hat? A special program? ???
  11. How can he use that if people are allowed to buy multiple tickets? Sorry, im not familiar with everything about .
  12. He can enter people's names multiple times.
  13. He has lets say he sells 100 tickets. just generates a number between 1-100. If you bought 10 tickets you'll have a 10% on winning this. If you bought 1 well, 1% possibility.
  14. Each ticket is 1k??
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