Lost my residence

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  1. hey i lost my res do to not playing in a while. is there no way to get it back? and also how do i claim a new one?
  2. I can tell you that as you did not play for almost 9 months, your res was reclaimed by system almost 7 months ago.
    Due to the nature of the system and that it was so long ago, there is sadly not anything we can do to reclaim your residence. For more information, please head to http://derelict.emc.gs
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  3. Hi there!

    It looks like your account didn't sign in for over 8 months. In order to maintain new and open residences for our players, we have a derelict policy (read at emc.gs/derelict) that means that your residence may be reset if you go inactive.

    I am sorry for your loss of residence, but you can start with a new one by typing /v open, then /claim =)

    I hope I helped. Let me know if you have any further questions.
  4. thank you very much i appreciate it. does that mean someone could have taken everything i had and claim it as theirs? also how do i claim one now so i can have a residence
  5. no, no one got your things, when the residence gets reclaimed, all items and blocks on the residence will disappear..
    Only item frames will drop to the ground, i think
  6. When the res was reset by the system, everything on it would have been unclaimed and deleted, meaning nobody would have been able to get your items. To claim a new res, try /v open to find a new res, then /claim
  7. Most has already been said but I'd like to add 2 extra tips: If you're afraid of losing your items again then you can opt to use /vault as well as enderchests to store some of your items. When you go derelict then all the items on your residence(s) will be lost (taken out of the game) but not those in these player specific places.

    Second: /vote for the server. If you vote as much as once every 31 days (once every 4 weeks) then you can be sure that your residences will remain safe.